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Evo 2020 Online - MK11 Added to the main Line Up

Fucking hilarious. After ditching the entire NRS scene EVO finds itself having to rely on only Online games for 2020 and soon discovered that all the games they picked for main stage have absolutly horrible online.

So they have gone through the FGC adding in games with good online.

This has made Killer Instinct, Skull Girls and of course MK11 and something called "Herds" I know nothing about, are all main games for the 4 week event.


Adding MK11 alongside some shit called 'Them's Fightin' Herds' takes a bit of the luster off it. I guess it must have great netcode?

Anyway, it's cool that they recognized the games that the developers actually put effort into the netcode on. I have played literally two matches online since Sindel released, but I'll enter.

I mean....those Shao Kahn buffs are definitely coming with the Aftermath patch, right? Right.....?

RIght? That's some Illustrious company right there.
I wouldn’t exactly call being able to fill the tournament with whatever game has online the same as “crawling back” lol
I meanyou would if you were a complete NRS shill but after the beating this game has taken for its poor execution they will take anything they can get to try and legitimize this dung heep. Funny to there were so many shills on here acting like EVO is no big deal of a tournament when MK11 first got snubbed but now acting like MK11 is back to save the world.