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Evo 2020 Online - MK11 Added to the main Line Up

Fucking hilarious. After ditching the entire NRS scene EVO finds itself having to rely on only Online games for 2020 and soon discovered that all the games they picked for main stage have absolutly horrible online.

So they have gone through the FGC adding in games with good online.

This has made Killer Instinct, Skull Girls and of course MK11 and something called "Herds" I know nothing about, are all main games for the 4 week event.


nrs community so toxic that y'all took a virus to get back into evo. now to watch the 99% fight for who gets to place 3rd to ninjakiller and sonic
oh the irony .... this is so delicious to watch ....

so now, Evo, MK11 is relevant again, right ? after all, is all business, not and never personal, right ?

well, if you don't mind my saying so, you , Evo , can go fucking yourself, if I can be so bold, haha

maybe if I have some time to spare, and if I end up remembering , perhaps could gonna watch the MK11 part, and fuck off for the rest, right ?

"Right !!!!" :p

Adding MK11 alongside some shit called 'Them's Fightin' Herds' takes a bit of the luster off it. I guess it must have great netcode?

Anyway, it's cool that they recognized the games that the developers actually put effort into the netcode on. I have played literally two matches online since Sindel released, but I'll enter.

I mean....those Shao Kahn buffs are definitely coming with the Aftermath patch, right? Right.....?

Yeah it really has a good netcode as it is using rollback netcode. I think it is similar to GGPO if I recall. It is also created off the engine Mike Z made for Skullgirls.
Well, well, well.. WEEEELLLLLLL

This is justice, and hell yes to Then's fighting herds and KI! Both of those games have better online than MK11 and as someone who knows the history of Mane 6, I am so happy to see their 5+ year fan project get an opportunity like this.

Please support this game, guys. Its incredible.
Them's Fighting Herds is an amazing fighting game and everyone should play it.
I played it a bit during Early Access (some of the frames weren't even finished) and it was strange but fun. I should look into it now that it has been released.