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By HellblazerHawkman on Aug 4, 2018 at 6:02 PM
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    In a shocking turn of events, the Injustice 2 Top 8 took place on stream today. In a significantly less shocking turn of events, TYM has got the results and play-by-play for those of you who couldn't tune in to watch it live. Did Poison Ivy comes out as secret top 5? Did the US give the medal to a Canadian? Did Noble sweep the third major in a row?


    You can get the answers to those questions in the spoiler below. The Top 8 going into it was:

    Noble Rewind (Blue Beetle) vs. Noble Semiij (Catwoman)
    BigD (Poison Ivy) vs. Echo Fox SonicFox (Red Hood)

    bc Biohazard (Harley Quinn/Bane) vs. Noble Tweedy (Starfire/Fate)
    PG Hayatei (Robin) vs. Method SylverRye (Hellboy)

    The Injustice Pro Series is getting pretty close to locked in, but we have a few events to go before we have our final tally. Next up is the EU online qualifier and then SCR in September, we'll be keeping you posted on all of that for sure. Until then, enjoy the rest of EVO (unless you are one of those guys that only cares about Injustice 2, then go do something else).
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Discussion in 'North American Tournaments & Events' started by HellblazerHawkman, Aug 4, 2018.

    1. Johnny Based Cage
      Johnny Based Cage
      @Tweedy with the godlike bait popping off so S Fox would to try and prove a point in the hella ill-advised mirror. GG on that shit.
    2. Matix218
      That last pic of Rewind with Tweedy looking at him in the background could make for some funny memes by adding a "Tweedy's thought bubble". Great stuff everyone in Top 8, congrats to all!!
    3. HellblazerHawkman
      Yeah, I wonder if that was just a challenge, or if he knew Sonic would try that again if he popped off.
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    4. HellblazerHawkman
      I didn't realize that until after I grabbed that snip, but I liked the shot of Rewind's face with the EVO CHAMPION banner too much to care
    5. Swindle
      Great tourney.
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    6. Matix218
      This was a really great tourney. We may not have the biggest numbers but the hype is still there. I dont even play injustice 2 (I am an MK guy mainly and decided to "sit this game out" due to family and work commitments) but I am really enjoying watching this game evolve. They will never get the respect that Capcom has overall but NRS puts out a better and more polished product each time and I think the future is bright.
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    7. HellblazerHawkman
      I feel like the NRS scene needs to consistently show up and not just bitch. Like, the MvC:I community was left dry this year, they still organized and had a huge thing going on their end. The numbers for the finals stream-wise were actually pretty decent IIRC, but it's typically a "nobody watches but the community wants to close out Sunday" situation (hyperbolic). Probably just due to that "two year cycle" mentality, hopefully this lull snaps people out of it.
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    8. Darth-Nero
      Rewind was so chill he doesn't even seem to care he won Evo 2018, I love that dude.
    9. Slymind
      Great experience
    10. Marinjuana
      Tweedy is a fucking warrior

      Great Top 8, easily one of my favorites NRS Evos
    11. Marinjuana
    12. ChatterBox
      Fantastic watch! Congrats to everyone, and especially Rewind!
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    13. GLoRToR
      "Harley, Bane and Robin are bottom tier"
    14. colby4898
      Who’s ever said that?
    15. ABACABB
      Poor big D , he was clearly better player in match vs tweedy but simply lost cuz of broken starfire .
    16. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Big D Vs. Tweedy, Poison Ivy Vs. Starfire, was the highlight of the tournament for sure. That was a set between 2 of my own roster of IJ2 mains, so it was even more special for me personally. I didn't care who would win, but Big D taking Poison Ivy to top 4 is already a huge deal, no question.

      Huge kudos to Rewind for taking EVO, I believe that if Tweedy would've gone for the backwards Air Escape rather then the upwards one, he might have won the match and continue the set. In any case, huge kudos to them both, and for all the players in this top 8. It was an awesome one for sure.

      Yeah classic EVO moment here. That was dope.
      Last edited: Aug 5, 2018
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    17. CrimsonShadow
      Congrats to all the Top 8 placers, some of whom have been working super hard over a long period of time, IPS offseason included, to make this happen.

      Rewind winning is awesome, and imo says good things about the competitive scene.

      This EVO should permanently put to rest the question of whether INJ2 is built to be exciting as a tournament game. It is.

      People will like or dislike certain metas, but this game at the highest level is pretty thrilling to watch — and it’s the players and their stories, struggles, and performances that make the matches memorable.
    18. Rizz091
      This tournament was super hype. I thoroughly enjoyed every match. I think this tourney showed how much we still have to discover. Congrats to Rewind and the rest of top 8.
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    19. Legion DC
      Legion DC
      How much $$$ did Rewind take home at I2 EVO for 1st place?
    20. Jynks
      Sonic could be a genius. My mind game plays is weak as hell compared to him....

      For those that do not know... Sonic pulled some old school arcade rules on Go1 in the DBZ gran finals. Yeah I know he is to young for arcade.,..

      It works like this as a official Evo Rule... if the players can not decide on seat positions at the start of the game, then they flip a coin. Then next game the looser has the option to choose his seat. This is a long standing Evo rule, but rarely used.

      Sonic used this after loosing match 1 in grand finals to drop to loosers. A lot of people are crying fowl.. but it is 100% a legit and existing rule he took advantage of.

      But it wasn't about seating. It was next level mind games to break Go1's momentum and get him thinking about anything but the game, while Sonic collected himself.

      Mad respect. Playing all aspects of the FGC.. the games and the mind games. Sonic is an elite.. no doubt.

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    21. Swindle
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    22. SunsetBlvd
      Just want to pay my respects to Tweedy for his run. He has become a genuinely great representative of our scene. I have no way of knowing this, but from his placements and tournament presence, and some of his posts on here, it seems like I2 has been a bit of a battle for him. We all play FGs to grow, one way or another. The battle is the whole fucking point. It's supposed to be hard, especially in the beginning, and a lot of people quit.

      But if you don't quit, you get stronger. And then you may find yourself on the main stage at EVO, obliterating the greatest competitive furry in the world, daring him to mirror you again. Then he does, and you shit on him once more. Finally he submits and switches, and that's when you know you've got him beat. Bravo Tweedy. Enjoy the fuck out of this.

      I even forgive you for posting on here many months ago that Sub was potentially Top 5, let's call it a brief moment of delusion on the way to greatness.
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    23. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      He is not just a genius, he is a genius fighting game god. And he is from us, taking 3rd place in IJ2 AND 1st place in DBFZ. Huge kudos to him.
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    24. MK9
      If he cared about Injustice he would have won, he dedicated himself to a game and won that game.

      As far as the Starfire mirror, you better hope he does not care about that pop off, cause if he learns that character he will come back an embarrass you with her.
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