EVO 2017 stream schedule released - Injustice 2 starts @ 4PM PDT Friday

Discussion in 'EVO Championship Series' started by STORMS, Jul 13, 2017.

By STORMS on Jul 13, 2017 at 7:46 AM

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First off, Welcome to TestYourMight! My main objective nowadays is to keep you as updated as I possibly can in regards to NetherRealm Studios news, especially dealing with Mortal Kombat and Injustice.

Thank you for your support!
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Discussion in 'EVO Championship Series' started by STORMS, Jul 13, 2017.

    1. Jynks
      What dose PDT mean?
    2. TheGabStandard
      pacific daylight time
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    3. PetulantWaste
      Twas Evo's Eve and all through the net

      Not a gamer was tweeting, not buffs or new tech

      The combos were learned from videos with care

      Pools players hoped they wouldn't meet Sonicfox there.

      The travelers were snuggled in hotel room beds

      While trophies and dollar signs danced in their heads.

      And King with his Bat, Buffalo with his Cap

      Are now settling their nerves for a long pool lap

      When out from the meta arose such a clatter

      "The damage of Adam" some said was the matter.

      Honeybee to the rescue with his technical flash!

      Although many believe he will not see some cash.

      Gross loving the light of green lantern's bright glow

      Promised to all he would put on a show

      But what I would hate, oh should it appear

      Is a Top eight of Deadshots with no Arrow near

      But with Netherrealm patches so lively and quick

      We have to fear Swamp Thing and Emperor Knicks

      Faster than eagles Evo players came

      The Announcer's Lord Aris, He called them by name.

      Now Slayer, Now Theo, Now Honey and Hazard

      On Noobe, On Compbros More combos with swagger!

      To the Top of the tourney 'til there are no names to call

      Play away! Play away! Play away all!

      Newcomers unsure of what gimmicks will fly.

      Are surprised when they can't button mash and they die.

      So to the Top eight, the best players knew

      Wherever they go Sonic will be there too.

      With his blue hat and big smile, so often aloof

      With furries and bronies all clopping their hoofs

      As I look at the bracket, shuffle players around

      I hope DJT makes Beetle be crowned.

      Adams and Aquamans all following suit.

      I hope a good Cyborg will give them the boot.

      At 4 o clock sharp I shall lay on my back

      With my laptop a few beers and plenty of snacks

      This is all in good fun so please let's be merry.

      Scrubs like me have not popped their tournament cherry.

      The stage has been set with all whistles and bows

      Maybe Whiteboi will win twice with his Scarecrow

      Maybe Madzin will pop off while gritting his teeth

      Attacking with chairs those who sit beneath.

      Watch out for Coach Steve! I've heard people tell me.

      He's out to prove that even Grodd can be deadly.

      Cowboy's a dark horse I say to myself

      Dr Fate might be carried one man by himself.

      Though I see matches come true in my head

      I know in my heart I have nothing to dread

      After all the hard work you guys put in this game

      Only two days at Evo is such a shame

      But let me stop now I could go through the night.

      Happy Evo to all and to all a good fight!
    4. pfiidud3
      You either have way to much time to kill or a writing degree.

      Either way, I'm sorry.
    5. Shadow316
      God damnit, that's like midnight here, ugh.
    6. chores
      what did i just read
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    7. Blade4693
      Lmaooooooooo that was amazing
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    8. Cashual
      Greatest post of all time
    9. PetulantWaste
      Actually both
    10. Dayvon
      @PetulantWaste thanks for making my day. This needs to be a tradition.
    11. Protagonist_1
    12. SaSSolino
    13. HoneyBee
      Best thing I've read on TYM in years lmao! Thank you for this!
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    14. ForeverKing
      @PetulantWaste that was dope! I read it perfectly in that Christmas tone haha
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    15. Eldriken
      That was amazing.
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    16. CrimsonShadow
      Best post of 2017 free
    17. The Farmer
      The Farmer
    18. SneakyTortoise
      You are a God among us
    19. StormGoddess
    20. DarksydeDash
      I demand this be filmed and acted in person. 10/10 would read again.
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    21. one1sh0t_onekill
      Does anybody know why injustice isn't going to be on finals Sunday? I figured with it being a new game it would have made it there?
    22. RM Crimson Panther
      RM Crimson Panther
      This is godlike
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    23. esc1
      can't wait to see only Black Adam, Aquaman, and Deadshot in the top 10
    24. EMPR_MURK
      @Rickyraws u have some competition sir
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