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Every Year EVO Brings the Unpredictable..


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But this is something else:

Anyone know the backstory behind this? Everyone looks completely confused -- except this guy, who is clearly on a divine mission to reclaim the UMVC throne, haha.

Edit: Good on Mr. Wizard for helping to uphold the security and justice of competitors :eek:


Something llike he can't leave until he beats him. Chris made a status about it.

"The answer to everyone's question. The guy who came up on stage said something like I can't leave or I'm not done until I beat him. He didn't smile or anything, just had a sinister look in his eyes and held my hand for a long time.‪#‎Thuggery‬."


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Because my hearing isn't good, mind if someone can fill me in of what happened in this video? Seemed like that black dude was furious over something and took away the PS4 controller, as it seems on my eyes. What happened being arrested like that? I can't make out whatever from the YT subs.

I saw this earlier, which to me is relatively concerning how he was able to get on stage in the first place. I'm not sure how security is at EVO, but they did a good job getting him off stage. However, they need better security to keep people off stage, too close for comfort.


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I'd hate to know what a whackjob that'd jump stage after EVO grand finals would do AFTER you demolish him with Morridoom and ruin his fanfiction moment that he's trying to live out.