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Even when we all win, We Still lose to the Lin Kuei


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I have noticed this and mentioned several times on the FB page and other forums. No one seems to care or notice that since day one, the Invasion war winner has never changed! NO matter what the initial graph reads... the next day it always has LK as the winner! Why hasn't this been addressed?
Why even play the Invasion challenges and put up with the stupid ass Invasion boss and the rarely appearing invasion assassin??

Ive been playing MKX exclusively lately and between the mobile app not working/logging in and the other glitches like this above its becoming frustrating.


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So what we won the invasion...Lin Kuei hasn't won the Faction War since week one. And those are the ones that give you backgrounds and such.


Beware of a sharp edged weapon,called human being
Don't like losing to Lin quei?
Sounds like you're in the wrong faction :DOGE
Uhhh..Im actually in the LK faction currently. I don't care who wins the invasion war...i just want it to work properly. And you right, LK hasn't won the Faction war since week one, and its currently the only faction i haven't won with, Im trying to complete the Dragon trophy or what ever the award is. SO, anyway, it has nothing to do with if Im in the right faction or I dont like loosing to the LK. The game needs to work properly, period... but good try :)