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European Online Kombat League

Good evening,

my name is Matthias I am 30 years old and from Germany. Back in 2016 I've organized anEU only MKX online league with @Vjeekes and people from Devil Apes. Many people attended and we have a lots of fun. I'll revive the Kombat League in MK11 at September 15th starting with a 32 Player Group Phase kick off. When we have lots of more competitors i will allow up to 64 Players.

The first group phase + tournament outcome builds divisions in later Seasons.

Division 1 - Top 8
Division 2 - 8-16
Division 3 - 16-24
Division 4 - 24-32

Registration :
Competitors must register into the cup via challonge. It is necessary to register at challonge for registration. Only people from EU should enter the tournament. This is limited because of ping and/or time issues.

Pollls :
Vote for lock behavior in league matches

Matches :
  • Competitors must organize their matches themselves.
  • A match is a Best Of 4 set.
  • A 2:2 draw is possible.
  • On lose the player who lost can change character.
  • Player lock Is currently voted in a poll
  • The match must be uploaded to a video platform like YouTube or a Screenshot of the result is to keep (this is mostly to validate results).
  • A competitor must make all 7 matches in the time the season runs
  • A season runs 4-5 weeks depending on the activity of the players a season can go longer than 5 weeks.
  • Results of a match must be posted in challonge from the competitors. Other results do not count!
  • Players breaking the rules will get punished with - points, lose of a set or a kick / ban out of the league
  • Kompetitive Mode only
Divisions :
Divisions will be build after the cup has been finished. A division is a group of 8 players who will fight for glory. At the end of the season the worst / best 3 players will fight against each other. The best 3 out of the 6 chosen players will go into the upper division. The other 3 will go into the division below.

Because divisions are random inside the first season, there are just 4 groups in one bracket. In later divisions there will be 1 challonge link for each division.

For further information or questions feel free to ask here or join our discord.

I probably won't attend myself. This depends on the amount of registrations happening.

Schedule :

Season 1
15th September - 15th October
Division Swap tournaments
16th October - 23th October
Break (1 week)

Season 2
1st November (only happens if the previous season is not delayed)
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The lock behavior is set. The winner is character and variation locked.

Also today is the last day for registration. Tomorrow the league starts
The league started, further discussion will be in the thread linked below. Tym