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  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiii everybody !
    First welcome on Finish Him ! As you know we are the top 1 French Kommunity followed by NRS and WB !(
    we are not like TYM but we try our best.
    We know that on this forum there are lot of good players, that's why we're coming to you!


    The registrations are opened !

    How do you participate ?
    You have to mention below your PS3 ID and your country

    Please, read the rules :
    - Online tournament
    - A room will be created by Finish Him staff "Preparetodie"
    - You choose one character during all the tournament, impossible to change.
    - If you attempt to disconnect in full game: elimination of the player.
    - 2 wins to continue / who has 3 wins win the battle
    - Max : 32 players

    Price to earn ?

    - A T-Shirt Mortal Kombat
    - A special title on the forum Wink

    Be prepared to die MORTALS!

    PS 1 :pLEASE SUSCRIBE IN OUR TOURNAMENT ON OUR FORUM OR AT LEAST IN THIS THREAD. Thank u for your intention and finish him !
    Forum link:

    PS 2: thanks to TYM for showing sometimes our videos on your site.

    List of registered MK Fighters :

    - Derplastic from Germany
    - Sir-T-A-l-N from Germany
    - Nikano from Switzerland
    - Magikraph from Portugal
    - MK_TRIO from Austria
    - Brixbro from Sweden
    - Dr Jackal from France
    - Rhezous from France
    - Hezbollah from France
    - Nihil from France
    - Mickadi from France
    - Djoudj form France
    - Steelx from France
    - DevilKazama from France
    - Tendou Tensei from France
  2. Metzos

    Metzos You will BOW to me!
    Premium Supporter

    Quite a few French players i see here. Hope i ll see you guys at WGC.
  3. Dr Jackal

    Dr Jackal Dr__Jackal

    Registrations closed ;) See you tomorrow ! And thank you for all registrations !
    Croatia, France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden and many others are part of the tournament !
    Cheers !

  4. Sauron

    Sauron Noob

    Any results, brackets etc ? :p

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