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ESL Spotlight w/ MKX Player Beyond Toxin

Tim Static

ESL spoke with @Beyond Toxin about his competitive history, training mentor, his performance so far in Season 2 as well as his match against Pig Of The Hut. Read the full interview below:

ESL: Could you start by telling us about your fighting game competitive background online and offline; do you have a local scene?

Beyond Toxin: I mainly started playing Mortal Kombat x this year on release date. I mainly played online until CEO which was in June is when I attended my first major losing to KIT shin blade and Yomi Michelangelo in pools still placed 4th in pools so I was still proud but knew I had to work harder. That is when I started training for offline and online whenever I had the chance then Big D invited to a Florida group where I met some good people to get some offline training with but the Florida/Orlando scene is on the come up.

ESL: How much time have you dedicated to preparing yourself for the second season of Pro League?

Beyond Toxin: I missed all of season 1 to prepare for this because i felt like I was still bad at the game. I was debating on season 2 but I told myself the only way to get better is to the compete with the best. So ever since CEO 2015 I have been training for this moment and hopefully can qualify for the season finals.

ESL: How does it feel making Top 8 in the ESL MKX Pro League and how do you see yourself doing in Season 2 from this point on?

Beyond Toxin: Oh my it felt so unreal just felt like a dream seeing my name on that bracket and like over 2,000 people watching me. Week 2 I had to go through JagoBlake and cR Woundcowboy. After I beat JagoBlake I knew wound was going to be hard but i just did what do best and ended up being on top and placing in top 8. If i keep playing the way I am playing and continue to improve and learn from my mistakes from my previous matches I believe I will do just fine to make it to the season finals.

ESL: Why do you play the character that you do? (to win, I identify with them, they look really cool, etc.)

Beyond Toxin: I mainly always wanted to play as Ermac in MK9 but i never got into it competitively mainly just for fun. Then I bought MKX and saw Ermac was still a character and thought he was pretty cool so i just continued to lab with him and make him my main character. People always tell me "Why do you use Ermac for tournaments he is very unsafe you do one incorrect setup boom dead". I just block all those people out that tell me I will never place in a tourney with Ermac because he is unsafe. Big D placed 9th at Evo with Ermac then so can I that is the way I look at it. No matter what Ermac will always be main.

ESL: How would you define your play style and would you consider yourself a more offensive or defensive player?

Beyond Toxin: I mix my play style with both defense and offense I am that type of guy that wants to be in your face all the time and try to kill you as fast as possible but also if I am going up against someone like Pig i tend to be more respectful and play a lot of defense but during that match the defense was killing me. down 2-0 I took a breather made just adjustments and ended up coming out on top.

ESL: Who has been “your demon” or your most difficult match-up in season 2. Who do you look to, to improve your game? (ex. Big D, Zaf, other Ermac players or sparring partners)

Beyond Toxin: So far my demons have been Shinnok and Cassie Cage. I heard of Zaf and seen he has a good Ermac and so does GGA N1kolass his Ermac is great also but last time he competed he used tremor. But the person i will definitely ask to help improve my game is Big D. Basically what godspeed said I am his disciple. I met him on ranked match one day when i was still learning the game and i honestly dont know why but he was kind enough to run many games with my ermac and his ermac. He pointed out everything I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to improve my game. At that time my skill level was very low and any other guy would have just said wow this kid is bad. But Big D was kind enough to help me level up my Ermac and that is why I will always look to him for help. He also even pushed me into going to CEO just to see how I would do and I ended up going and not doing too bad. Overall HUGE shout out to Big D he has helped every step along the way into the FGC and competitive gaming.

ESL: What makes you different from other fighting game players?

Beyond Toxin: Hmmmm I dont know to be very honest one big thing i really noticed was when i was down 2-0 with pig i kept my cool stuck with my guns and ended up taking the set. So one thing that could make me different from other players is keeping my cool and not choking under pressure. But I was still nervous since many people were watching the stream and I wasn't playing so well in the first two matches just felt like i wasn't playing like myself and I needed to change that quick.

ESL: What was your proudest moment of the event? What was unique about it?

Beyond Toxin: My proudest moment of the event was making that comeback on Pig of the Hut. During that set I received a message from a random saying "Rekt" and I knew he was clearly talking about me. I also was reading the chat and everyone was oh RIP Ermac, Toxins Free, oh ggs Toxin hes done, at that moment I told myself there is no way I am losing 3-0 to pig in the first match of the night because then everyone would be talking about how boring that match was and that it was quick. I made some adjustments started ducking his tele furry with teleport punishes made some good reads started cashing out my combos next thing you know I came back 3-2 took the set. After I hit the ground pound I just dropped my controller and screamed because I knew everyone in chat was shocked that I had pulled another upset and that was on Pig. Now it would have been nice to beat sonicfox but you know it sonicfox you can’t ever count him out so I just gave it my best and took 1 game off of him and I was pleased by my performance. Now I will be traveling to NEC and attend my second major and see how I do. From here on out I will meet great people and just level up my game. First year of competing in fighting games and made Top 8 in week 2 has been a blessing and all my hard work is paying off. Now lets see from this point on what is in store for my future in fighting games. LOVE TO THANK ALL MY FANS AND SUPPORTERS!!!

ESL: Thanks once again for taking the time to answer these questions and best of luck in Season 2!

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(Interview by @REDARROWBUGGY7 aka Charles Pacelli on November 13th, 2015 taken from http://en.pro.eslgaming.com/mkx/proleague/news/mkx-one-1on1-season-2-week-2-north-america-top-8-recap/ )



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Always keep those spirits high, @Beyond Toxin . Seeing as you play a character full of souls, I doubt that's beyond your ability. :p

All kidding aside, best of luck with ESL and any other events you make.