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Match Footage - Hish-Qu-Ten ESL Plantronics Cup Week 1- Circa Destroyer Vs. EVB Dragon - 3rd Place Match.


Salty Mashers Krew
Premium Supporter
DAMN. good stuff dude, your predator is really fun to watch. This match was also hype given that it is best pred vs. best alien


This match is horrible. How do you win it? I would suggest Goro but it seems like you have things figured out with Pred lol. Good stuff.
I've been immersed in the Alien struggle lately (let's face it, who hasn't), so this is inspirational for me.

Thank you blake, luckily predator gives me the option to zone the fucker out so it gives me time to think my next move as he closes in. Most of the cast just has to deal with him in there face the entire match and that is where you dont want alien to be LOL
Last 2 majors where DTN and SJX
Got 1st for DTN and 9th for SJX loss to dualist LOL
Oh true true I heard you won a major! congratulations man! well deserved, I wish I had a character that could do good vs HQT, in the past we went even Pyro tanya and your HQT but tanya got destroyed patch after patch jejeje :D