ESL European Community Cup Recap feat players from multiple countries

Discussion in 'NetherRealm Online' started by shura30, Jan 16, 2017.

By shura30 on Jan 16, 2017 at 1:49 PM
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    Hello everyone, as you're already familiar with @PND_Ketchup and @PND_Mustard community cup video thread:

    I wanted to have a recap here of all the ESL activity regarding free community cups for the European side of the world which includes players from:

    at, be, bg, ch, cz, de, dk, es, fi, fr, gr, hr, hu, ie, il, is, it, lt, lu, mt, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, se, si, sk, tr, ua, uk

    straight from the upcoming/past cups page,
    our rotation right now is:

    Tuesday 1 on 1 community cup:
    - PS4 Germany starting @19:00 CET
    - PC/Steam starting @19:00 CET
    - XBOX ONE starting @20:00 CET

    1 on 1 Thursday cup
    - PS4 starting @19:00 CET

    Sunday 1 on 1 community cup:
    - PS4 starting @19:00 CET


    To enter, sign up with your esl accout from each cup's page and wait for the checkin, once the brackets are available (usually within 10 minutes since the cup has started) you can set up and play the match against your opponent
    check out the rules section of each cup as the procedure may vary between platforms

    I will try and keep the thread updated as cups and schedule evolve with time

    I'm tagging @STORMS @Youphemism for that sweet visibility
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Discussion in 'NetherRealm Online' started by shura30, Jan 16, 2017.

    1. shura30
    2. ganondeurf
      Well do you know why some tournament went off for some weeks ? I might guess for FR staff since last tournament didn't end pretty well but what about others ? :eek:
    3. shura30
      as I've said, schedule and cup rotation changes with time
      that's why I wanted a recap thread here
    4. STORMS
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    5. RVB
      ESL PC MKX!!!
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    6. shura30
      thanks a lot sir!
    7. Tanno
    8. Tanno
      I need some help here. How to add a Steam ID for MKX there?

      It says to me this:

      • invalid_id_Steamid_mkx
    9. ShArp
      @shura30 I have two questions.

      1) This one is more or less on PC part. According to that EU country list I won't be able to register because my country is not there? Im from Lithuania, which is one of the three Baltic states next to Estonia and Latvia, and it's not listed. Even tho its also in European union. Is it some sort of mistake or Im really unlucky?

      2) My country is also not listed in the PSN network, so I had to register under UK address to be able to get my PSN account. So if I want to enter ESL PS4 cup, because of that reason, I have to register as UK player?

      This is kinda frustrating because me and @n0rv1s are probably the only two players from my country who plays mkx competively.

      Thanks in advance.
    10. Tanno
      Forget it, fellas. I found out how to add the Steam ID. Thank you. :)
    11. shura30
      it's not your nickname (letter and words) but the id
      as stated in the quick rules page:

      You need to add your SteamID as your Mortal Kombat X (SteamID) Gameaccount to your ESL profile, you can find your SteamID using Steamfinder
    12. Tanno
      I already found it. This one is a weird one.
    13. n0rv1s
      Sharp, we can go in those tournaments under lt flag, just when you get it denied, needs to send support ticket to remind that Lithuania is part of the europe (eu) :)
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    14. RVB
      @ShArp @n0rv1s guys I think it's just an oversight on ESL's part, I'd suggest signing up under a different country for now until they add Lithuania.
      Also @n0rv1s add me on steam bro, would like to see you play on the EU WEEKLY, where we don't discriminate Lithuanians:DOGE
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    15. shura30
      AYO HOL UP

      sorry I missed your post I'll get to it asap
    16. n0rv1s
      Sadly my current pc can't handle it
    17. shura30
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    18. RVB
      @shura30 starting tomorrow I'll start sending everyone on my friends list invites to the ESL cup on the 24th
    19. shura30
      thanks man,
      I've already flooded my steam friends list but I guess it's outdated
      if you know and can do it, send the link to russian players too..I know there's a lot playing on pc
    20. n0rv1s
      on psn still doesn't let to do that :(, l can do it by changing country to UK, then after l sign in, l can change it back to LT, but who knows does it gonna let me to check in when time comes
    21. shura30
      try it on pc -.-

      I will be back with ps4 news soon but afaik I know you won at least a cup
    22. RVB
      Yo ESL cup for PC happening tomorrow!... START SIGNING UP!!!... OR I'll whack you on the back of your head with a stick.

      P.S. Inb4 I get banned again :DOGE
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    23. shura30
      hello everyone,

      an update to this thread just to say that ESL is still promoting competitions for MKX!
      please refer to the first post for cup starting time and availability

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    24. shura30

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