Ermac Vs Lui Kang

Discussion in 'Ermac' started by RedSpectre221, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. RedSpectre221

    RedSpectre221 Ermac Apprentice

    I was just playing Forever Swagg and his lui kang blew my ermac up i couldnt do anything against the rush down and for once im stummped anyone have any suggestions I really need it.
  2. KamikazeJD

    KamikazeJD Makes women fap

    Tkp is your best friend. His b312 is unsafe so d1 is also pretty useful. Watch out for his 2,1 mixup cuz its crazy. He can cancel to low fb or ex low fb or finish the combo with the 213. Just be patient! Also punish everything!! Dodge his fb barrages, cuz its not too hard to dodge them. Make him come to you try not to jump towards too often cuz of his flying kick. When you connect tkp close the space a little so you are advancing and dont get corner fucked
  3. RedSpectre221

    RedSpectre221 Ermac Apprentice

    Thanks Kamikaze needed this info.
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  4. zaf

    zaf professor

    Never lost to that player lol.
    I think he even sent me a pm for more matches, kept losing and sent me salty pms rofl

    But yea exactly what kami has said. Really make him try and come to you and punish his mistakes.
    Poke the shit out of him, and when you poke him enough expect some jumps and punish that.
    After a few pokes, dash and grab or 31 121 b34. try and land one of these and get the 0frame traps going, then his mistakes will come pouring out.
  5. RedSpectre221

    RedSpectre221 Ermac Apprentice

    Thanks for the pointers Zaf
  6. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
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    Liu Kang is easy for Ermac if you can just keep him away, TKP as someone else stated is your friend, zone him with fireballs, expect the ex flying kick, then punish him for the taking! :)

    LK is relatively easy for Ermac if you're good at zoning and playing keep away with him. He has no teleport or fast way of getting in on Ermac except for the ex flying kick, which you can really anticipate.
  7. Kindred

    Kindred Let Be Be Finale Of Seem

    Liu vs Ermac is my favorite MU of the game. I think I like it so much because i get very aggressive on Liu Kang. So its a nice challenge to block his strings, poke and respond. Some Liu Kangs Ive played try to zone me away but i just time a teleport and go back to the pressure.
    I dunno maybe im just too agressive with ermac but usually, yea you should just zone him.

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