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    While messing around in the lab this week I discovered something today that I did not know and many others did not know for that matter. It is to do with Ermac's teleport in the corner. Now you first assume when using his teleport in the corner that it will essentially put you in the corner thus defeating the purpose of getting your opponent in the corner for higher damage. Well, this works differently and as seen in this video (though spacing especially is very strict) you can make the teleport work in your favor and keep your opponent in the corner. There are many possibilities and outcomes to this, however here's the general idea:

    Feel free to also discuss this further here:

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  2. Hitoshura

    Hitoshura Leave my cross to atrophy.

    it appears the teleport after the 31 lift makes the corner windmill combo easier to perform?
  3. Killphil

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    I was goofing around with this and the answer is yes. I tried 1,2 lift but his teleport comes from the corner if you do that. The reason is like storms said, you have to be basically so close to the other person its sexual harassment. 3,1 mitigates this problem because it moves Ermac forward before the lift. Its nice when you know its going to work, because it saves you from trying to delay the b1,2,f1 combo in the corner.
  4. Hitoshura

    Hitoshura Leave my cross to atrophy.

    wow....good shit storms!
  5. VOR

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    I actually did this all the time when I used Ermac a lot. You can also do a jumpkick underneath/behind them, after lift, before teleport. My BnB was jip, b114, lift, jumpkick under/behind, teleport, 22, force push- 48%. It can be more reliable than the b12f1 loops and pretty much the same damage, but yes you have to be very close. Ending with the reset is great too.
  6. UsedForGlue

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    This is fine, because most times when you combo with Ermac in the corner, you have to JK into Teleport and you are now in the corner, and if you don't JK teleport, you are losing damage.

    So this is completely practical.
  7. SunnyD

    SunnyD 24 Low Hat!

    Wait.....this does a full 10% less damage then doing it without the teleport?
  8. CYracks

    CYracks Command Grabber

    It's always good to see a site admin coming up with new tech
  9. KRYS9984

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    I agree with UsedForGlue; Ermac's damage is increased with jump-kick / teleport as well as the type of jump-kick you perform. A vertical jump-kick will yield less damage (-2%) as opposed to jumping towards the opponent.

    As an Ermac player I have gone through many combos for every situation, but the corner b'n'b's that I'm liking / using frequently are the following:

    - Jip F1-1-4 followed by 1-2 TKS B1-2-F1, B1-2-F1 and ending with 2-2 TKP (ex optional)

    - Jip B1-1-4 TKS, vertical JK / Teleport, towards Jump-kick teleport, d1, TKP (ex optional)

    Both combos take out big damage (no meter), are 100% "do-able" and leave your opponent stuck in the corner.

    BTW, great tech Storms!!!!! I'm going to mess around with this one in the lab later on.

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