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Discussion in 'Kung Lao' started by Axel_Redd, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    All the negativity that Kung Lao is receiving from the recent thread about kung lao not even being top ten. I say we start pulling out all the stops and try to see what new tech we can cook up. We gotta show these nay sayers that kung lao still is and forever will be one of the best on mk9. Lets prove em all wrong!!!

    (too bad Motivational wasn't an available prefix, lol)
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  2. CptXecution

    CptXecution Brain Dead Bro
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    Try 24 Lowhat, i've heard good things.
  3. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    lol, needs more than 24, i really want ot make a video of grindhat setups, but i don't have the equipment or the know how x.x
  4. Lulzlou

    Lulzlou Noob

    Grindhat is a waste of meter
    If I can do over 50% damage in the corner with only one bar, why would I even bother wasting a bar for a gimmick.

    Edit; if you are talking about 24~ex low hat then its not that much of a waste since its +20 on hit. Still risky though
  5. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    its not a waste, its useful for getting your pressure going or making a teleport safer, trustme it has its uses, and i don't mind spending the meter for it at all.
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  6. Gruntypants

    Gruntypants Real Soviet Damage!

    jip, 1,3~EX Lowhat is guaranteed damage unless they armour out at the right time.
  7. xInfra Deadx

    xInfra Deadx The hospital's seen better days...

    I don't know about that...with some creativity and spacing it can be deadly...
  8. UsedForGlue

    UsedForGlue "Strength isn't everything"
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    Kung Lao is the second best character in the game. No bad matches, only 5-5's.

    Low hit boxes making him work hard is not a reason to label something a bad match or that he isn't good.
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  9. Lulzlou

    Lulzlou Noob

    I don't see it at all. I have never been scared of a naked ex low hat. Unless someone can prove me wrong then I will continue to see it as useless. Find set ups for it and if it works well in tournament then I'll take back what I said. That is my opinion, I don't expect anyone to agree with me.

    The only use for it is off a block string since it gives a lot of advantage on hit.
  10. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    the use for grind hat is pretty much the same use that Ice clone or force balls have. It can either be your way in, it can deter an opponent from approaching, or it can give you set ups and make certain moves safe, like divekick on block. It doesnt have to hit to be useful, if your fast enough the block stun is all you really need.

    i've actually gotten a mid screen combo from it before when someone attempted to jump backwards and i released it and hit them with an f3~spin 1 1 1 1 1 24 1+3.
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  11. Chongo

    Chongo Dead Kings Rise

    Kung Lao is top 5, PL can GTFO with that shit. I'd be glad to help, but I know nothing about the character. Good luck though,

    However, LBSH, Reptile is bottom 10 though.
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  12. Ex low hat throw release f3 spin 28%
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  13. What about liu kang guys? i got him top 10!!! :)
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  14. Lulzlou

    Lulzlou Noob

    Its too match up dependent to throw out a ex low hat as a mind game. If you play a character that needs to keep away from Kung Lao then what is the use for it? In the Kabal match up, Kabal can keep away from KL all he wants. The only time he needs to get close to KL is to get a life lead. Throw a hat mid screen and that wont hit any kabal player. In the corner it can be useful but like I said, its match up dependent. Its not the same as an ice clone because you need meter for it. If I'm stuck in the corner against it, I'll just armor through it if I don't want to wait for you to do something. The problem with the ice clone is once you armor, jump, or anything to get out of the corner, you have to worry about another one coming out. If you want to blow 2 bars to throw out another ex low hat then go for it. You lost your breaker there.
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  15. DJ L Toro

    DJ L Toro Noob

    if you grindhat tele the hat goes the other way.
  16. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    i have no reason to throw out a second hat like that lol, if you don't respect my options to where i could throw out hat, then im gonna spin you. lol. And kung lao builds meter like a fiend, so meter won't really matter that much to me unless i was playing against cyrax.

    Against a character like Kabal, the use of grind hat would become more specific than say it would against mileena, for example one mind game i play against Kabals is that after landing a 24 1+3 (2) sometimes i can throw a low hat, however if they do a wake up dash i'll end up eating a full combo. However if i do grindhat and hold it there, their invincibility will wear off by the time they reach it and it will hit them which allows me a way in. If they block cancel the dash i can still hold it and then carefully move in. The only way they could get past it would be if they do a techroll wake up dash, but they'd have to guess that i'd even do a hat in the first place.

    Trust me its not a useless move, the best way to play kung lao is to use all of his tools and grindhat happens to be quite a good one.

    i would show you the stuff you can do with it, but i don't have a way to record anything atm
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  17. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    not if you release it before you leave your side of the screen it won't
  18. RunwayMafia

    RunwayMafia Shoot them. Shoot them all.

    I literally just played a set with MK Legend (michealangelpurp) and he actually won a match with his ex low hat. It totally caught me off guard...he put it on the ground then dive kicked me...I blocked it...I was about to punish...and then PLUNK...the hat hit me and killed me. Lol...I don't know if it was intentional or not but it really upset me. lol
  19. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    thats one of the tricks that works with it.

    the other interesting thing about the grind hat is that you never know when the kung lao player is gonna release the damned thing, lol
  20. miloPKL

    miloPKL soundcloud.com/pukelization

    it sounds to me as if you have not played many good KLs. grind hat has many uses, including safe offense setups, corner game, counter zoning...

    edit: im forgetting you once played kl. i guess then you already disagree with what im saying. as you were.
  21. Thats like one of the oldest tricks with grind hat, lol. But it obviously works, next time armor the kung lao player, problem solved.
  22. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    true but in that case, theres always the low ex dive kick that gives like major advantage on block :p
  23. you just used 2 meter just to get armored out of it anyway.
  24. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    ex dive kick doesnt cost 2 meter......
  25. If you lay down the grinding hat and proceed with ex dive kick you will use 2 meters

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