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electro arrow combos?

i used to do them in igau but they dont work the same, these are the few ive found but if anyone knows more id like to collect the swag



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Cross up j3 d1 e(lectric)4 f2d1 df1/reload

That's basically the only one I found, but is semi-practical.


I regularly use J3 22 4(electric arrow) F2 DF1, best conversion I've found off of a J3 while the electric arrow is loaded. Decent damage.

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For the D2 one... It depends on if you hit them krouching or standing... Standing, you do the up arrow, like you did. Krouching, you do the straight arrow.

You kan also do F2D13~electric arrow, dash, d1~special...

I mentioned this in the other thread... But F2D13~electric arrow, B3 works... I just don't know if it's character specific, stance specific or what.... It's also pretty hard.

EDIT: I'll keep adding in electric arrow kombos.

J3 D2~electric arrow, B3, J2 B23 // 321ish damage on Superman
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i bet if you land them raw while theyre jumping you might get a conversion opp, and theres gotta be corner stuff

i miss 113 4 b3 from igau