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EGP Tyrant Wins Mortal Kombat 9 at EVO Qualifier SoCal Regionals 2013!


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There were 65 and then there were only 8! The top 8 came down to some incredible matches in which Southern California will be holding dearly for years to come. It came down to a war between California (defending their turf!), Nevada, Arizona, Illinois and Georgia - all with state representatives that went in hard to get the job done to represent Mortal Kombat all across the United States. With this being an Evolution Championship Series qualifier it meant that even more was on the line with seeding points.

Without further ado, we'd like to say Congratulations to EGP Tyrant for his triumphed victory at SoCal Regionals 2013!

Match Results
  • EGP Tyrant (Jax) vs GGA 16 Bit (Kitana) 2-0
  • CS DJT (Cyrax) vs xBlades (Liu Kang) 2-0
  • Dab (Kabal/Johnny Cage) vs WoundCowboy (Shang Tsung) 0-2
  • KN C.O.R.N. DetroitBalln (Kabal) vs TFA RZR Pig of the Hut (Kenshi) 2-1
  • xBlades (Liu Kang) vs WoundCowboy (Shang Tsung) 0-2
  • EGP Tyrant (Jax) vs CS DJT (Cyrax) 3-1
  • GGA 16 Bit (Kitana) vs KN C.O.R.N. DetroitBalln (Kabal)
  • WoundCowboy (Shang Tsung) vs KN C.O.R.N. DetroitBalln (Kabal) 2-1
  • CS DJT (Cyrax) vs WoundCowboy (Shang Tsung) 2-3
Grand Finals!
  • EGP Tyrant (Jax) vs WoundCowboy (Shang Tsung/Sonya) 3-1



What i learned from SCR ^0^

} DJT and MIT didnt make a difference at SCR (like they said they would) since they didnt win or even make it to gf... Cockiness = Bad

} MIT looked terrible in the Kabal MU with Liu...

} I dont want to ever hear pig being called "AUTO TOP 3" ever again. "I KNOW THE KABAL MU NOW KABAL ISNT A PROBLEM" lol

} Detroit isnt washed up anymore (placed top 4) but losing to his old main looked BAD

} Cowboy is a beast... best Shang by FAR

} When Tyrant gets into the groove ur fucked... CONGRATS!!!

} 16bit should focus on beating his REAL master (Tyrant) instead of trying to catch some crap glory off chris g with a dookie money match vs his non main...



Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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very well done to tyrant, played so beast.

DJTs cyrax was epic to watch,
same with wound cowboys shang


Bajan to the core!
Damn Storms doesn't play around... Congrats to Tyrant moving forward like a freight train and taking it but, today is Cowboy's day. That was damn good Shang play. :)


this tournament had so many sick matches, the soul steal popoff by wound, the gladiator quote by 16bit etc

amazing weekend, this community rocks.