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Ed Boon tweets KP2

Who are you most excited about?

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Uber Gooben
I like How Danny dorito is timed to be relases as the the ceremony where he becomes our one true overlord begins.


Day-0 Fujin main
Why do they feel the need to bloat the game with more characters when 4th variations haven't even been added yet? Speaking of which, where are the 4th variations at?

Also got to say it's pretty disappointing that there is no Fujin in this line-up. Of course they would do 4 guests. SMH.

(Although Thicc Thanos might be interesting, in terms of gameplay anyway).


Frosty Cage
Of COURSE they saved Danny Dorito for last, making us wait since MK Gold for him and making him the last in the pack smh...
Anyways Thicc Thanos looks hype. Hoping we get a fatal that literally deletes half the cast from your game when done.


Thicc Thanos fo sho but V and I have similar body types. I need more male characters who aren't buff to main. (ik this is a joke)


MD| Soberless (Cyrax Loyalist)
Had to bleach my eyes after thanos and Doriito.

Went with Joe Rogan I just wanna see him lift weights and smoke pot /DMT in cutseens say open your mind scrub.


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
Premium Supporter
Also who the hell is V? Only one V I k ow is the badass from the DC comic, who's this emo kryo ren looking kid lol


How could you tell?
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hahah what the fuck ??? :eek:

lol, Ed really outdid himself now, trollism at the ultimate master level, haha :confused:

of course my vote will come for V, but he could be hella broken with all those panther, eagle and golem special moves all the time on screen, hehe :p