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You know, I'm kinda split on some characters who were born in the variation system like Cassie. It's like in MKX I can see her different variations and understand the differences between them; ultimately I chose Brawler and she was one of my mains actually. But in MK11 I felt like I couldn't get back to play her, she was too different and none of the options available gave me anything close to her "original" Brawler variation. The structural gameplay differences between MKX and MK11 are probably a factor too, but I'm talking more about legacy.

The new characters introduced in MKX and MK11 are probably more difficult to adapt to a "no variation system" since they were developed with variations in mind. I think that's a big difference compared to the legacy characters. Cassie might be "Brawler" to me, but to others she could be Spec Ops or Hollywood... and you just cannot squeeze all those playstyles into one character, it just won't work.
Sure you can you just trim out the fat, Hell Cetrion might as well be a 1 variation 1 playstyle character already.


I know Pinhead gets brought up a lot, I'm curious how he would map into being a fighting game character. He doesn't strike me as the punchy kicky kind of guy.


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The fact that MK11 is the game we are going to end up being stuck with for 5 years is quite sad. At no point do I ever think "man, I'd love to play some MK11!" I do still thoroughly enjoy playing MK9 and MKX, though. I'm thankful for that. Even Injustice 1 is still quite fun. INJ2 as well, to a lesser extent.

If nothing is coming soon, an MK9 remaster would be.......

who am I kidding. It's never happening.

Anyway, I really hope they do announce something within the next few months. I was really banking on the game awards. At least I'm guaranteed to see some more Tekken 8 stuff there and that has me excited.