Ed Boon Possibly Starts His MK11 Shenanigans on Twitter

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by HellblazerHawkman, May 11, 2018.

By HellblazerHawkman on May 11, 2018 at 10:31 AM
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    If you are new to the NRS scene, commit this to memory: always keep an eye out on Ed Boon's Twitter. Whenever we start to get closer to possible announcements, you'll see Boon posting teaser tweets suggesting some news coming in the future.

    For the past few weeks, he's been pretty quiet on the gaming front, with his last relevant Tweet being the pre-announcement for IPS Season 2 weeks before the official announcement. Well, it appears we might have something to lookout for later this year, as Boon made a point of replying directly to this random tweet about a possible Fighter Pack 4. On one hand, this wish of that poor Twitter user may have been dashed to the ground. On the other hand, we have something else "kool" to be looking forward too, presumably the MK11 reveal.

    It's worth noting that just dropping the "k" in place of a "c" isn't that big a deal for anyone with the NRS team. This very well may be just a reference to the joked about Fighter Pack 0, that would contain characters from Injustice: Gods Among Us. At the same time, we have E3 coming up and Combo Breaker right before that, so there's a few places in the next month that would be perfect for NRS to announce their next Mortal Kombat game. We'll just have to wait and see what happens, but you can be sure we will keep you guys posted as we get some more updates.
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by HellblazerHawkman, May 11, 2018.

    1. AZ MotherBrain
      AZ MotherBrain
      So exciting I can’t wait to see how D’vorah looks
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    2. HeavyNorse
      I'll wait until there's an official announcement.
      Not gonna let leaks, tweets or rumours let me get hyped for something that might not actually happen. I mean, I'm sure MK11 will happen, but I'm not gonna read into what the game's contents will be and what characters will appear based on leaks, tweets and rumours. Because all of those could turn out to be false, even when coming from Ed Boon himself.
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    3. VSC_Supreme
      I won't believe anything till i start seeing foot pics from Ed
    4. Nariman
      Looking forward to see how they kill Sub-Zero in the announcement trailer.
    5. NothingPersonal
      I so hyped for the new 3D era of MK :DOGE
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    6. BurdaA
      Can’t wait for Noob, Rain, Fujin and Shang to not be in it :rolleyes:
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    7. Baconlord
      Hopefully she shows up with a sai in the back of her skull.
    8. HellblazerHawkman
      Calling it now: Khrome is the new face of MK
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    9. Baconlord
      Yeah I think I'll take you up on that bet
    10. HellblazerHawkman
      His time is coming!

      Real talk, I might actually die of laughter if they do a high-res trailer like they did for MKX, but with Khrome fighting Mocap or somebody else kind of trolly
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    11. Darth-Nero

    12. FLA_Anarquisto
    13. trufenix
      It really doesn't matter what you read into or get hyped by, the 12-15 months of development from the day a new NRS game gets announced to literally the day its released (not the day it leaks to Tom Brady and REO and Sonic Foxes houses) are just absolute hell for anyone who tries to keep the shit straight and doesn't just decide day -400somthing that he's just completely on board or completely against it.

      Leaks, lies, trolls, fake tweets, fake dlc announcements, real dlc announcements, "interviews" where people just yell character names at anybody they can get to on staff and then gauge their facial reactions. It gets ugly, but NRS apparently loves it, so here we go, 15 more months!

      Just enjoy the ride man, this is what being a part of NRS community is.
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    14. HeavyNorse
      That's being part of any fighting game community, really. Street Fighter and Soul Calibur are just as bad.
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    15. Swindle
      Don't forgot the barren sea of sorrow that is September-January, where we get absolutely nothing from NRS. Those balls run blue.
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    16. trufenix
      Tekken community gets as bad as us (because Harada maintains an antagonistic relationship with his fanbase) but the NRS thing is really a spectacle to believe. Just ask anyone about kintaro dlc for mk9, or the inj1 dlc polls, or wether mkx should be character lock or variation lock in tournament. And those all happened before the games even got released and it only gets worse cause Boon and Co just love poking the bear.

      What did we do for Inj2? Oh right, gear. Inj2 wasn't even going to be a tournament game, you'd have thought it was going to be dc smash brothers from all the claims that "gear" was going to be the worst thing ever for us all.
    17. trufenix
      yeah, the 4 months of radio silence they get us for christmas every year is the worst, that's when games supposedly get cancelled cause and there's vo strikes that cause fake delays, and it turns out fatalities are gonna be dlc, and all sorts of crazy shit.
    18. Swindle
      I'm insufferable on this forum during that time, tbh.
    19. Jhonnykiller45
      Fuckin LOL
    20. Jeremy KO
      Jeremy KO
      I'd say its a 99% chance MK11 and 1% chance of a fighter pack 4 or a "Fighter pack 0" or whatever.
    21. EntropicByDesign
      I'd like an announcement and a generalized release date of the game, then mostly silence until we're 8~ weeks away, then a slow trickle of content, introducing the systems and mechanics involved, roster, etc. In a perfect world we would also get a generalized post-launch support (not DLC) schedule. I'm not saying this is the 'right' way to do it, its just how Id like it to be done.. I hate MONTHS of drip feeding.. It kills the hype for me over the long term. Id rather know a game is coming, then have them STFU about until its reasonably close to launch (I wish they wouldnt even announce the damn game exists until its 2~ mo from launch - but thats a stupid marketing strategy), then give me a constant stream of content information, so there is *something* to see and learn around twice a week at least, leading up till launch.

      I'd love for a fighting game to outright say "Aside from bug fixes, or something game breaking being found that needs to be addressed immediately, we plan to assess and address the game's current state of balance every X number of months from release, and we plan to provide tournament support for a minimum of X amount of time.". I know there are issues with outright saying those kinds of things, but it would be nice.

      NRS games are seen as having unnaturally (by most comp FG standards) short life spans, with them being semi-disposable.. So NRS saying out of the gate something like, "We plan for the game's competitive lifespan to be AT LEAST two years, with the potential to last longer blah blah", that would go a long way to validating time investment.. and a SET F'IN SCHEDULE FOR BALANCE ADJUSTMENTS would be worth its weight in friggen gold IMO, and would calm SOOO much angst about patch frequency/timing/whatever.

      Imbalances in any fighting game are a given, and you never know what the developer will actually do when they DO balance, but, as an example, release Deadshot would have been a lot easier to deal with for a lot of people if they could look at the balance schedule and say "Ok, well, 3 months from now they balance, surely this will be addressed then!".. Of course that doesn't mean it WILL. Hell they may buff that character you hate and think should be nerfed, but it does give you some expectation as to how long before a change may be implemented. This could backfire though, and players could look ahead and see they have 12 weeks of broken character X to deal with, and then fuck off into the atmosphere. But *shrug*. Just something I think on the whole would do far more good than harm and its just a nice "quality of life" feature for the player base.
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    22. supernumian
      Yeah, gimme [insert some non-sense name here] as guest!
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    23. Lt. Boxy Angelman
      Lt. Boxy Angelman
      Bring back Chess & Puzzle Kombaaaaaaaaat
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    24. MKF30
      Chess was awesome, I just hated how scrubs would pull when they were losing. That was so lame. I loved their MK racing mode, that game was insanely fun. Like MK Deception. Bo was busted af in that mode lol. Puzzle was fun too though less exciting than the other two modes IMO.

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