Ed Boon Is Up To Something Big

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Might-Taro 19, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Have you guys noticed how much Ed looked like he could not wait to share what characters are going to make it? He has been on fire lately, tweeting about it, excited and making sure fans are rest assured that there is going to be great surprises returning to the roster. While it may not seem like it now. This makes me have big hopes that highly requested characters such as Fujin,Jade, Noob, Rain, Havik, Reiko will definitely make it into the roster. Now another thing that shocked me is that well Mk11 has 21 stages and it used to have only 17! crazy right? and Ed boon said " TONS" of klassic characters returning. This means that I also highly believe the roster count isn't final. They will be adding more slots for sure.
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    You had me until you said Reiko :DOGE
  3. Rice

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    He for sure is really excited to show these teased classic and fan favourite characters in a way that changed my thinking about the potential roster and i think now its gonna be more surprising than we think.

    Especially in addition with the teased „secret unlockable characters“.
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  5. xenogorgeous

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    a bit skeptical, since Ed Boon is know as the "king of trolls" regarding doing well planed teasing "Oh my gawd !!" strategies when promoting a MK new game, so .... better wait for the next Kombat Kast to make sure !
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    I just want Mileena.

  7. Wam-Zlay

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    I'm so excited. The whole game looks polished as hell and isn't even out yet :)
  8. Vslayer

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    He lost me after Rain. XD
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    While death in MK means nothing no doubt, I would think Reiko and Havik are unlikely unless they go with the time travel element or resurrection of course. If you read the MK X comics, both got killed lol.

    As long as Fujin, Ermac and hopefully Smoke make the cut I'll be beyond happy. Even if they're DLC later on.
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  10. stokedAF

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    He is hyped about DLC and said people are going to freak out. I’m thinking it’s a highly requested character that is shit tier on a story level. I’d love to see obscure characters like Reiko or drahmin revisioned as dlc.
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  11. SaSSolino

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    Since he said "familiar face" I start hoping for Cary Tagawa's Shang Tsung.
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  12. John Grizzly

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    I can't believe you've done this.
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  13. SaSSolino

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  14. SINGH E

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    I have a weird feeling that we won't get any guest characters or just one at the most. The way Ed has been saying that a lot of fan-favorite classic characters are returning has lead me to think this.

    Also, another theory that I have is that if a lot of the 3D era fan requested characters won't return in the base roster, then there may be 2 Kombat Packs of 6 characters each.

    The first will be a 3D era Kombat Pack with all the most requested 3D characters (e.g Fujin, Sareena, Frost, Havik etc.)

    Then the second will be any Classic characters that didn't make the initial roster plus 1 guest character at the most (hoping it's DoomSlayer/DoomGuy no horror movie characters as they have been done to death).

    In total including Shao Kahn, MK11 will have 13 DLC characters.
  15. Baconlord


    I don't know about that one chief
  16. John Grizzly

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  17. xenogorgeous

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    fucking great, priceless !!
  18. MKF30

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    Cary back would be neat.
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  19. STB Sgt Reed

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    I would dislike this so hard if I could. lol
  20. The thing is, Ed is not the one who decides how many guest characters wil be present in the game. I'm pretty sure that Ed is the kind of guy who would prefer to give new characters or bring back old charcters, even from the 3D era, with new designs and movesets in the DLCs of MK11. The thing is that WB asks NRS to add more and more guests characters because they are the best selling DLC characters since MK9.

    In MKX we had 4 guests out of 8 DLC characters and in Injustice 2 4 guests out of 9 DLCs (Raiden/Sub-Zero/Hellboy/Ninja Turtles). My guess is that MKX we will have 12 DLCs (either 2 packs of 6 characters, or 3 packs of 4) and if we follow the trend we'll probably end up with 5 guest characters.
  21. Whatever happens, I just hope that they break the 2-year cycle and, along with the community, support this game for a long time. I shudder to think about this game already being dead come April 2021 whenever I3/whatever comes out.
  22. SINGH E

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    Yeah, I am familiar with WB games wanting more guest characters as they sell a lot. However, a man can dream of thinking we will have a pureblood MK game without any BS! The only one I'm willing to accept is DoomSlayer (RIP and TEAR!) or Spawn at a stretch.
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  24. Where'd Ed say "TONS" of classic characters? Can you hook it up with a link?
  25. in the combat cast.... he also said in the same sentence that he can not wait for people to see the DLC.. so all the old classics are probably in there not the main roster.
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