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ECT 2019 Top 8 Results and Breakdown

ECT 2019, the second to last event in the MK Pro Kompetition just finished up, and here's what went down for those who couldn't catch it.


As usual, hit the spoiler down below for the results. The top 8 going into it was:


EchoFox Sonic Fox vs. illusion Splash
bc Dragon vs. 1L2P Burrito Voorhees

CGL NinjaKilla vs. Coach Steve
Noble Kombat vs. ISG HeeyGe0rge


Things kicked off with Sonic's D'vorah against Splash's Kung Lao. Sonic took game 1 with a clutch anti-air grab read that got him a KB and a win. Game 2 ended with a near round 2 perfect for Sonic. Game 3 was another win for Sonic, who took the set 3-0 and moved forward.

Up next, Dragon's Cetrion was against Burrito's Geras. Making read upon read, Dragon took game 1 with a time-out. Burrito was on the verge of making an insane comeback, but Dragon was able to close out game 2 with a well-timed fatal blow combo. Dragon kept on going, winning game 3 and taking the set 3-0.

Over in Loser's, Coach Steve's Jacqui and Ninjakilla's Liu Kang. Ninja won game 1 and 2, despite a great fight put up by Coach Steve. Coach Steve almost mounted an insane comeback, but a whiffed dash punch cost him game 3. Ninjakilla won the set 3-0.


Next up was Kombat's variation 3 Shang Tsung playing HeeyGe0rge's variation 3 Frost. Kombat Reptile slid his way to a game 1 victory. Ge0rge returned the favor with a fatal blow game 2 win. Kombat swapped over to Johnny Cage after the loss, but Ge0rge was able to win the next game. Facing the end of his ECT run, Kombat bet game 4 on Geras. Ge0rge closed things out, the character swap not phasing him in the slightest and won the set 3-2.

Next match was Ninjakilla's Liu Kang against Burrito's Geras. Burrito had an insanely good round 1, but Ninja made a magic pixel comeback and dropped all of his KBs in round 2 for the win. Ninja took game 2 rather quickly. Burrito got a round in game 3, but Ninja was not going down, winning the set 3-0 and moving on.

Following that up was HeeyGe0rge's Frost vs. Splash's Kung Lao. A whiffed grab in the final round of game 1 resulted in a victory for Ge0rge. Ge0rge took game 2, narrowly surviving a whiffed grab himself. Game 3 came down to a fatal blow trade in HeeyGe0rge's favor, who won the set 3-0.


Back to Winner's, we had a match-up no one has seen before: Dragon vs. Sonic - Cetrion vs. Jade. Dragon took 2 confident rounds in game 1, and won game 2 with a 450+ fatal blow combo. Down 2 games, Sonic switched to Johnny Cage and finally got a game on the board. Sonic almost mounted a full on comeback, but Dragon kept his cool and won the set 3-1.

Playing to see who would fight Sonic in Loser's finals was Ninjakilla's Liu Kang and HeeyGe0rge's Frost. Ge0rge brought it down to the wire, but Ninja came out the victor game 1. Ge0rge got a round in game 2, but Ninja, once again, came out the victor for game 2. Ninja kept that pace going and won game 3, taking the set 3-0.

Getting back into his seat, Ninjakilla's Liu Kang was against Sonic's Johnny Cage (which sent Ninja to Loser's in the first place). A close game 1 that went a round a piece came out to a victory for Ninja. Game 2 also went to Ninja, on the verge of sending Sonic home and redeeming his loss from earlier in the event. Ninja decimated Sonic's health bar in game 3, hitting them for 700 damage in 2 combos, but Sonic mounted an insane comeback to stay alive. In the last sequence of game 4, both players were at a round a piece. Sonic dropped the game winning combo, but Ninja's punish with a fatal blow was blocked and counter-punished for the loss. The final game, Sonic was looking like a full on machine, going blow for blow against Ninjakilla and coming out victorious, winning the set 3-2 and moving on to Grand Finals.


In Grand Finals, Sonic pulled out a surprise Jax pick against Dragon's Cetrion. Dragon kept it moving from their match earlier in the bracket and took a solid win game 1. Sonic went back to Johnny Cage after the loss, and the decision earned him a game 2 victory. Dragon opted not to character switch the next game and Sonic continued his streak with another win. The final game went to Sonic as well, closing things out with a well-timed punish into fatal blow and resetting the bracket 3-1.

Game 1 of the new set continued with no character swaps. Dragon regained some control for game 1, returning rounds against Sonic but ultimately losing the next game. After losing the next game as well, Dragon turned to Highborn Kitana to turn things around. Dragon finally looked dominant again, taking game 3 without much trouble and Sonic immediately made the switch to Jade. The switch decided the set, Sonic Fox won game 4, taking the set 4-1 and earning the title of ECT 2019 MK Champion.


Sonic has good taste in characters. Cage and Jade are sexy bitches and the D'vorah pick was nice, he really did utilize a strong team of characters extremely well. He reminds me of old Injustice 1 PPJ where he would use a team of really whacky character combos to get it done and won a major from it that way.

Seeing Johnny Cage out camp Cetrion is still just pure bliss especially after Dragon dogwalked Jade with Cetrion.
That is REALLY disingenuous to say when 5 of Sonic Fox's 6 wins against Dragon were with Outtake Johnny. He only busted out Jade when Dragon swapped to Kitana.
Johnny was his pocket. Looking at the entire tournament he used mostly jade through pools, top 48, top 16 and finished the last two sets with her.
Let's not forget, this was the most stacked tournament of 2019 with so many upsets. This shit was hype.
He did very well with Jaded and Johnny. Only used D'Vorah once or twice.
I'd say its fair to say he won with Jade as main and Johnny as pocket counterpick. But he honestly only used Johnny when he had trouble or he knew Johnny countered hard.

But I think his Johnny is much stronger for sure. Only NinjaKilla and Dragon really gave him a hard time.
Kang is still a problem and need to be neerfed. Its still the best by far and still too strong.
SonicFox comeback has nothing to do with the character he use, but his skills and insane mental state he have.
The first 2 set ninja won was pretty clear how a character can drag your ****.
The set was perfectly level, maybe even in Sonic favor, yet ninja won both of them, thanks to his superior character, FB, and OP KB after KB.
And again every third or forth character was a Kang player.
As far as Jade goes, she still s**** hard. The only one that make her viable and he make her viable to a certain degree is SonicFox, but thats because of his skills.
Kinda the same with Johhny Cage, but Johnny is mid tier character, with a lot of flaws.
Happy to see both Shang Tsung (Soul Eater nonetheless, that means Reptile and the Ninjas) and Jade making it to top 8, and Sonic taking it all with Jade (even though it's Jaded and not Emerald Defender which is my Variation, but it's still Jade so I'm happy).
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New faces popping up to challenge existing top players. New variations in the mix. Tons of characters on display this weekend. The game is in a good state and the tourney scene is going strong -- my wish is that we keep this momentum up from now into the future.
I’m sure the variation system isn’t in its final form yet and the hypest dlc is yet to arrive (not to mention terminator isn’t in the mix yet). Hopefully the scene will benefit from all this stuff and stay strong. Game is in a great place atm imo.
Man, what a tournament. Anyone who says MK11 isn't hype is clearly just hating on the game at this point.

There are so many moments to clip that were bananas:
is that intended? the wakeup is a mid, should therefore hit a crouch attacking opponent, or not?

i would be rly mad if i were ninjakilla. such a dishonest matchup with the (soap bar in my mouth) hitboxes. maybe a pocket female fighter (eg jacqui) for next time.
HeeyGe0rge was the big surprise of the tournament for me.

We'll definitely be seeing more of him.
It’s so nice to see him do well, he was one of the players I was thinking had a shot to really surprise in this game. His choice in characters is always fun. He played a really great Jacqui in MKX.
Someone with Dragon's playstyle is never going to beat sonic fox in these tournaments. I really wanted to see Dragon against NK to see they'd fare against each other.
I'm not even sure if Dragon consistently places if Cetrion isn't in this game. It's like a picture perfect match for how he wants to play. But it's also his downfall, you gotta be able to counter pick in this game.