EchoFox SonicFox Wins Winter Brawl 2018

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    Who saw that coming? Newcomer and relative no-name Echo Fox Sonic Fox has won Winter Brawl 2018 in the biggest upset in NRS history. *If you are new to the scene and are reading this, please note that this was not actually an upset* The rest of this Top 8 was also great, with the players giving us some indication as to who the big names will be in the 2018 season.

    First match of the day was EchoFox SonicFox up against EchoFox Scar in Winners. Sonic, sticking with Michelangelo since pools, Ollie Kickflipped Scar's Black Manta/Brainiac into Losers 3-0 despite some really close games. Following that, EchoFox Theo played Coach Steve, the former playing Dr. Fate, the latter sticking with Atrocitus. Answering the age old question, we now know that magic defeats angry blood lava: Theo sent Coach Steve to losers 3-0.

    Taking things over to Losers, commentator and player extraordinaire PG Kitana Prime played ALG Dragon. After losing the first match against KP's Harley Quinn, Dragon switched from Black Adam to Aquaman, taking it 3-1. Closing out Losers, PSRK BeyondToxin played DF Grr: science vs. science/Scarecrow vs. Atom. Atom's Ph.D proved to be the legitimate one as Grr won 3-1.

    Now in Losers Quarter Finals, Dragon and Scar met up in the first part of the EchoFox gauntlet necessary to making Grand Finals. After a close back and forth and game winning super, Scar defended the EchoFox name by defeating the reigning EVO champ 3-2. After that, we had two of the nicest people in the FGC, Coach Steve and Grr, play in the KiT 2018 runback: Grr was able to defeat Coach Steve again 3-1.

    Back to Winners, Sonic played Theo once again, showing stream viewers essentially their training regiment: With 3 magic pixel wins, Sonic sent Theo to Losers Finals 3-0 where he would play the winner of Grr vs. Scar. In a good day for Echo Fox, Scar was able to defeat Grr 3-0, securing the top 3 spots for EchoFox.

    In the battle to decided the foxiest EchoFox, Theo beat Scar 3-0, earning the title of the second foxiest Fox. When up against the OG Fox, Sonic Fox, in Grand Finals, Theo was not able to secure himself the title of foxiest Fox. Sonic won their set 3-1 and became the Winter Brawl 12 champion in the process.

    Just because this event is over doesn't mean you'll be waiting months for more Injustice 2: Final Round 2018 is only few weeks away. Registration is open for a few more days, so get in while you still can. Hope to see you guys there, and congrats to everyone who made Top 8 at WB12!

    UPDATE: Link to the Twitch archive. Contains Tekken 7 Top 8, Injustice 2 is the start of the vid
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