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Tech Easy tag combo 93%~100%


Fight me as you will yet you can never hope to win
This is a Nightwolf/Noob Saibot tag combo I found about a year and a half ago. Perhaps many people have found and use it unbeknownst to me, I haven't seen it though so I 'll post it here. It carries opponents a great amount of distance, I'm uncertain of how to measure distance but it corners opponent from starting position at the Armory stage, BEFORE it ends. In this case, it can reach exactly 100%. If you don't reach corner, combo does 93%. It uses one assist bar. If you use two assist bars it loops and easily surpasses 100%. It is quite easy to pull off and also applicable for ground punish without the Jip.

Jip, B22~spiritball, F2, F2, F2, F2, Jip, B22~axe, B2~axe, (dash 1, dash 1, dash 122~shoulder) cornerless BnB 93%
(dash F312, 122~shoulder) replace above part for corner BnB 100%

Noob's back assist (BB assist or DB assist) is the spiritball, it combos to some strings that offer big hit advantage while keeping opponents standing, like Sub Zero's B12. Nightwolf can also combo it to his 122 string for punishing stuff like Reptile's elbow. Spiritball disables block for 5 seconds, also wears off if Noob damages victim, something that doesn't occur here lol, it reverses controls (something that prevents breakers if not taken under consideration) and stand staggers enough for F2 to land. We know that after F2 hits, another one is guaranteed unless opponent uses :blk which is disabled here. First F2 does 8%, the rest do normal 9%, you can do up to 4 for the 2nd Jip to land just before spiritball wears off. Obviously, if you have the meter you can loop the combo with the 2nd Jip.

Jip, B22~spiritball 16%
F2 series 35% (8+3*9)
BnB 42% or corner BnB 49%
Total 93% or corner 100%

If you don't mind the Tier List, Nightwolf/Noob ain't a bad team, considering how they complement each other, being anti-zoner/zoner respectively.

I hope you guys like this combo, even though interest for tag matches seems like the closest thing to dead (or undead?! lol)