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Early Pools for Combo Breaker 2019

Combo Breaker is coming up, and the pools are finally out. Matches have not been assigned yet, but you can at least see who is playing whom. If you are going, you can start preparing. If you are watching, then you can figure out when you should tune in.


So yeah, check them out. Bear in mind, this isn't set in stone, but you'll know what to expect. And we'll get to watch these matches on the Combo Breaker branded Tournament stage, which I believe is currently in the game but I haven't seen yet because of a sprained wrist. If you've also suffered an injury, here's a screenshot of what the stage looks like.

WOOO, just one more week. We'll be back with our regularly scheduled breakdowns, so if you can't watch it live? We'll have you covered.


wow some of those pools are just free and some are hard as fuck... lol... I like that. Personally I belive in random pools... not a fan of seeding in the pools to spread out the top players.
WHY would you be against a system that helps both veteran and new players?
Like veterans don’t eliminate each other early and new players don’t get eliminated by killers in the losers bracket.
Imagine going to your first tournament and having 7 pro players in your pool. Or making it out of pools just to realise that your losers bracket is full of pro players.

This way newer players might be sent to losers early but there they will face other players of the same skill level.

Some veteran players may face off early and still be sent to losers but for the most part this helps people not go 0-2 every time you enter a tournament.