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  1. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    This year is open to the public but at the price of $250. But with that you get access to all the exclusive games coming out and test new builds of games coming out this year. With all the excitement building around the rumor of MK11, the new Smash Bros, and etc, this year's E3 seems very promising of being great! E3 is only a month away held in LA. Who is all going, and what game(s) are you most excited about ?Question mark?
  2. do you think there is a chance we will get a playable demo like they did with mk9 ?
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  3. Swindle

    Swindle Philanthropist & Asshole

    Nah, demos are for dillholes.
  4. Espio

    Espio Ask Me About My Kurtis Stryker Agenda
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    Mortal Kombat 11 and Last of us 2 only unless there's something else I am currently unaware of at this time. I need the godlike multiplayer back for TLOU sequel to keep me playing 5+ years after the original release like the first.
  5. Madog32

    Madog32 PSN: NRF_Madog32

    Nintendo has confirmed that its annual E3 Direct will be taking place on June 12 at 9am PT/ 5pm BST and that Super Smash Bros will feature both in that and in the Treehouse Live gameplay demonstration that follows. Not only that, the game will be the center of Nintendo's show floor, where fans will get the chance to go hands on with it.

    EDIT: Sorry - thought you were talking about a SSB demo hehe. No clue about the MK demo
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  6. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Eh....i think that might be a stretch for NRS. BUT if that happens, OH MY SWEET GURKENS that would be one of the best booths of E3
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  7. BruskyPoet

    BruskyPoet Johnny bought a car

    Fortunately, I will be at E3...all I want is to see MK11 stuff in person right in front of my face. Would be a dream come true indeed.
  8. AZ MotherBrain

    AZ MotherBrain Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I was debating on going, but decided on Anime Expo instead. Looking forward to Code Vein and Smash news. Of course MK as well
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  9. LaidbackOne

    LaidbackOne Scrubby nice guy

    For me its: The Last of Us 2, Sprinter Cell (unless they make it a sandbox. Srsly, fuck Ubisoft) and od course the next Mk. The rest is irrelevant.
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  10. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    What I want to see:
    • Mortal Kombat 11
    • FromSoftware's game they teased at TGA
    • Rocksteady's new game (apparently it's going to be at E3)
    • Fortnite for Switch
    • Dragon Ball FighterZ for Switch
    • More about Smash Bros.
    • More about Soul Calibur 6
    • Full reveal for either Pokemon or Metriod
    Don't care about anything EA is doing.

    Don't have or want an Xbox so I don't care about the exclusives, but hoping they show some good 3rd parties.

    Ubisoft is most likely going to focus on Assassin's Creed, Beyond Good & Evil 2, and that pirate game they announced last year. I'm keeping an eye on BG&E2, but I really don't care about the other stuff. Not expecting any major and unexpected reveals.

    Sony is most likely going to focus on the Spider-Man, Days Gone, and Ghosts of Tsushima. I'm sure Spider-Man will be fun, but I'm tired of seeing stuff about it non-stop. Days Gone honestly looks generic to me. Ghost of Tsushima could be really good, but I have to see more about the direction they are taking in terms of gameplay and genre. I'm not expecting any major reveals, but like with Microsoft, I'm hoping they show some good 3rd parties. Mortal Kombat X got it's first gameplay reveal at Sony's conference and was presented by Shawn Layden -- maybe the same thing will happen this year with MK11?

    Nintendo is going to be interesting. Either way it's going to be good because of the Smash Bros. focus (and obviously that game is going to be huge just like BoTW and Odyssey), but I wonder if they will have anything else that is note-worthy? I would like to see a full reveal for either Pokemon or Metriod, but Nintendo said it is going to only show 2018 games and I wonder if it's really possible if either of those games could be ready this year? Anyway, other than Smash, I'm mainly just hoping for more great 3rd party support. I mentioned above that Fortnite and Dragon Ball FighterZ would be cool to see.

    Almost forgot about Bethesda. An Elder Scrolls or Fallout game is unlikely. I heard something about them working on a Sci-Fi RPG, but I don't know if 1) it's true, and 2) if it would even be ready yet. They are probably going to announce DLC/expansions for games already out, like The Evil Within 2, Elder Scrolls Legends/Online, etc. Talk more about Quake Champions and the fact that Wolfenstien 2 is coming to switch. Doom 2, another Prey, Dishonored, etc, are also unlikely. I heard that certain game leaked online (which I will post in a spoiler box below), but all-in-all, I think Bethesda is going to have another disappointing conference.

  11. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    Looking forward to some NRS stuff but gimme some Metroid Prime 4 footage!
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  12. I want to see MK11, some Battlefied V (Please be Vietnam) and the new Fromsoft title. Those are the only titles that I care for at, E3 unless w get some DOOM news.
  13. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

    I just want MK11 to be announced. Everything else is just bonus.
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  14. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    Looking out for MK of course, Doom 2016 II, Spider-Man, Soulcalibur and Smash at this year's E3. Maybe something other than RDR2 from Rockstar? Probably not though.
    Not looking out for much because I won't be able to buy anything any time soon, but E3 2018 should be interesting nonetheless.
  15. DarksydeDash

    DarksydeDash Bring back Kenshi for MK11!

    Mortal Kombat 11 isn't happening this year and if It does, I'll be surprised.

    What I want to see:

    - Gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2
    - Release Date of Kingdom Hearts 3
    - Gameplay of Last of Us 2
    - Official Announcement of Rockysteady's supposed Superman game
    - FF7 Remake release date
    - more footage of Spiderman and costume reveals
    - Detroit become Human release date
    - Any of Soul Calibur 6 customization/character creator, story trailer, and release date
    - Square Enix's Avengers project
    - New Elder Scrolls
    - Anthem news
    - Code Vein Release Date
    - Bayonetta 3 footage
    - Darksiders 3
    - Ghost of Tsushima
    - Remasters of Infamous and Infamous 2 as well as an announcement/reveal for 3
    - Sly Cooper 5
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  16. chrisisnice

    chrisisnice BURN FOOL!!!
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    Mortal Kombat 11 and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Everything else I couldn't give a rat's ass about...
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  17. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

    Oh? Based on the pattern NRS have introduced their games in since MK9, it is a very good bet that MK11 will be introduced this year. Not sure why that is so surprising.
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  18. Wait no one of you is waiting for Bannerlord? The day that game is friggin released my life is gonna be over
  19. LiangHuBBB

    LiangHuBBB Noob

    shenmue 3 and FF7 remake hype
  20. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    Square EniX Avengers game, and Death Stranding please.
  21. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
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    It's 250 bucks for a ticket? Shit...If they ever held it in NYC I'd consider going, kind of bummed it's always in the same place every year. Anyway I look forward to MK 11, Smash 5 and Switch news. Hopes for NRS Switch announcement of something. New Mario Baseball game with netplay(not that crappy 3DS one) but one for the switch and curious about that new Superman game, he seriously needs a great solo game on par with Batman and Injustice seriously.
  22. I realize every game I'm hype to see this year was already shown at the previous E3 (and in some cases 1 or 2 before that) then never heard about them again until the next E3.

    Serious Sam 4 will be interesting.

    Rage 2 looks amazing.

    I want to see Dad of War DLC

    I have reservations about Smash for switch. Keep in mind 1st party Nintendo games tend to be heavily geared toward their console input device...
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  23. ShArp

    ShArp Dedicated Broly main

    This years E3 seems like it will be THE BIGGEST/HYPEST E3 to date...

    I mean:

    The Last of Us 2
    CYBERPUNK 2077 (srsly how none of you even mentioned it lol)
    Red Dead fking Redemption 2
    Metro: Exodus
    Rocksteady's rumored SUPERMAN game
    Death Stranding
    Spider-man PS4
    Days Gone
    MK 11
    Ghost of Tsushima
    Battlefield V (pls be WW2)
    Splinter Cell (rumored)

    And all the NEW announcments holy shit
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  24. [QUOTE="CYBERPUNK 2033 (srsly how none of you even mentioned it lol)"[/QUOTE]
    Because Cyberpunk was a game i was hyped on.... about a life ago.
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  25. Its Cyberpunk 2077. But yeah, I'm hype for it. But mentally prepared to see a "release date: 2019". Which isn't to far as far as things go, but goddam this has been in the oven for so long.

    Didn't hear about the Superman game rumor though. That would be amazing.

    It'd be weird if Splinter Cell didn't happen at this point. Michael Ironsides is making the rounds
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