E3 2017: Scar vs. Sonic Fox Bo7 Exhibition Match, Sonic admits fear of THEO , Echo Fox insights, etc

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by bcfighting, Jun 14, 2017.

By bcfighting on Jun 14, 2017 at 11:07 AM
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    Hey All,

    Here's the VOD from our Bo7 exhibition match yesterday between Scar & Sonic Fox on the Injustice 2 E3 2017 stage.

    As @Clutch8 aka Joshua Gray introduces Echo Fox to the stage there is some chatter of the fighting game community overall; some very interesting insights. From there, it gets into the meat and potatoes of the exhibition.

    • Sonic admits fear of @EMPEROR_THEO around the 11:10 marker. CEO should be interesting this coming weekend!
    • The match between Scar vs Sonic starts at roughly 15:19


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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by bcfighting, Jun 14, 2017.

    1. Kooron Nation
      Kooron Nation
      Damn those matches were pretty hype, Scar's Superman looking really solid, that clutch ending from Sonic tho
    2. bcfighting
      It was so awesome to watch. Even in the control room, everyone was on edge and freaked out when he clutched.
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    3. VSC_Supreme
      Actual matches start around 17 minutes.

      Very nice matches, I got to props to the presentation and battles, If this was done as a way to advertise the game they did a good job of making it look fun and hype.
    4. Johnny Based Cage
      Johnny Based Cage
      Really dope set. Good to see Scar already have a solid footing in the matchup and not let Sonic get away with too many shenanigans like raw air teleports in the neutral, but even better to see how utterly godlike Sonic is at landing these mind-blowing, out-of-nowhere full combo conversions with shit like instant air stomps off stray trait demon hits and whatnot. That kid is just too good and I'm absolutely loving getting to see the best in the history of NRS make my favorite DC villain shine.
    5. Nausea
      Amazing set! Thanks for the upload! Still can't believe on a stage like that they are hitting restart match tho lmao.

      NRS players man, we are so fucking impatient!
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    6. bcfighting
      LOL, srsly
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    7. Redk9
      I hope Sonic Foxx branches out into dbz fighters(since I know he liked gg) and maybe even marvel. I really enjoy seeing the stuff he comes up with
    8. The Farmer
      The Farmer
      Didn't know echo fox was sponsored by Rick Foxx. Didn't know he was a gaming enthusiast.
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    9. Joshinyu
      Cmon breh. He's the Fox in echo fox.
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    10. Shadow316
      As much as we love the competitive side of this set, I feel like considering it's E3 they should have dialed it down a bit and showed Supers and more clashes and fun combos etc.
    11. AK Stormthegates
      AK Stormthegates
      Scar managed to hold forward the entire set against sonicfox and still take games. That's godlike.
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    12. Shinnok Centaur
      Shinnok Centaur
      I actually like how they did it because I feel like seeing a game being played competitively gives you a feel like "Wow that's cool" and "This is what I can do at a high level" and really gripes you in
    13. Shadow316
      If you haven't seen the game before, you probably won't be buying it to play competitively, you just want to see all the cool stuff. If you're into competitive games then you'll already know about I2.

      That set also didn't really show much of 'this is what I can do at a high level', because if you don't understand the game at a high level then you won't see the little things that we see like punishes, optimal combos, AA's, meter management and so on.

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