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D'vorah- Trap Queen (HTB Setups and more!)


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Hello my fellow filthy TYM members and welcome to what I feel, is some super cheap shit. So lemme just show you the video and get to it (yes I know the title is cringe as hell but you clicked on it did you not? Title works)

So just to break down what's going on, D'vorah's DB1 is a delayed low puddle move but is always painfully hard to actually set up due to it's terrible recovery. Well fear not friends for my labbing is true and the setups provide JUSTICE to evil doers. AMP DF3 is a commonly used trap move for D'vorah's knockdown game and this move allows us to guarantee DB1 on knockdown. Afterwards you get to slam a F4 down and obtain a sweet sweet hard to block setup.

Now what if they start blocking it? Well theres plenty you can do with that puddle still! After puddle you still have one bug left from AMP DF3 allowing for you to make ANOTHERA puddle. In addition to that you can do delayed low, delayed overhead, throw. A plethora of things can be done!

At the end of the video i demonstrate how to bait U3s and still get the same setplay off it. D2s will hit you but the DF3 will whiff punish the D2 and land you a free combo into more pressure.

I truly believe D'vorah has some of the coolest and most in depth setplay of any character in this game, just gotta look in the right spots. Hope you buggy people enjoy!

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Nice tech man, gonna start using these

It just sucks how since DB1 AMP is her only means of juggling, the opponent will ALWAYS have meter to breakaway but in that case I've learned to bait the breakaway and go straight into DF3 so its pretty much free pressure from there.

Been looking for some standing setups that dont involve DB1 AMP for this reason and the safest i could find was:

D4 - DF3, D1 - DB4

Check with D1 - DB4 which should jail into DF3 bug