dsp is sooo salty against cyrax.. lmao

Discussion in 'Cyrax' started by blues686, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. blues686

    blues686 Black lantern

    soooo funny
  2. redeyes

    redeyes Button Masher

    hahaha funny thing is freddy can do so much more then that with the 2 meters you used in that combo.
  3. XD you just filled my epic rage needs for the day, if you got more id love to see it
  4. PND OmegaK

    PND OmegaK Drunk and Orderly
    Premium Supporter

    PND OmegaK
    No surprise, DSP is always mad.
  5. TyrantRave

    TyrantRave タイラント・レイブ

    I feel so bad for dsp. I mean, EVERY fighting game conspires against him. His controller/stick conspires against him. If only he could get his block button to work or his combos to come out he wouldn't look like such a scrub. It's not his fault, dammit! Somewhere, deep down -- underneath all the dropped combos and button mishaps, there's a good player. Well, now that I think about it... probably not.

  6. TheTrillz

    TheTrillz Noob

    You guys should watch the next video. He gets flawless'd by a scrubby Raiden.
  7. blues686

    blues686 Black lantern

    lmao!!! you got me in tears with this.. hahaha
  8. blues686

    blues686 Black lantern

    oh man dsp rages soo hard! i love his videos!!! lol
  9. blues686

    blues686 Black lantern

    omg.. his end rant is hilarious!!!
  10. TyrantRave

    TyrantRave タイラント・レイブ

    Look man, it's impossible to punish raiden's superman move. Especially when its the only move someone does. Hell, I can read a raiden superman and still do nothing about it. I mean, no one -- and I mean fucking no one -- can beat a raiden scrub spamming that superman move. As phil says, its hard to punish offline but impossible to punish online. And wtf, how come phil's block button never works... I feel your pain bro. When I lose its because my controller is being (soap bar in my mouth), the only reason.

    I'll cut to the chase -- this, my friends, is why MK is ass.

  11. Lol Freddy does over 60 with one bar! Hey blue, add me a psn I would love to play your cyrax.
  12. Johnny2d

    Johnny2d Xbl: Johnny2Die

    DSP... that guy is still around?

    The flawless Raiden victory was funny. DSP says 'you can't block that online, I actually can't do anything'... I think everyone in the TYM forum knows that even tho the game is not perfect online, that statement is flat out false. He got beat, bad, and yes he knew everything that the Raiden player was going to try to do, I don't doubt that, but he did nothing to beat it.
  13. Juro

    Juro Noob

    You'd think DSP would know how to block high/low and about overheads seeing as how he plays SF as well, but I guess not.
  14. blues686

    blues686 Black lantern

    will do, im not the best with him yet, but im ok with him. still learning..
  15. blues686

    blues686 Black lantern

    dsp looks pretty free online, for sure.. lol
  16. Subby

    Subby Frost Warrior

    .....This is why from now on I only watch his playthroughs that DON'T involve fighting games. It just doesn't work out anymore.
  17. doomfarmer

    doomfarmer unorthodox

    So THIS is what those guys do that no one wants to hang out with. Make YouTube videos of them selves crying about a game over and over. Awesome, bro.

    Sucks at the game. Blames everything else. Calls opponents that beat him scrubs. Kinda surprised we didn't see him message people saying "hey faggot y u spam combos??"
  18. Darkhood88

    Darkhood88 Crazy 88 Co-Leader

    Yea this guys ranting is always entertaining.

    Is he suppose to be good at games, I havent really read up on the guys background
  19. CrashLand

    CrashLand Ready for Freddy

    He's like the smelly fat kid I hung out with and played video games with when I was nine... except he's like 30. I can't stand to listen to him for five seconds.
  20. Richmatic

    Richmatic Noob

    This kid needs to purchase a muzzel, his own controllers to break after a good rage, a shower, deodorant, a stairmaster, friends, and a chick and maybe he wouldn't be such a douche.
  21. spongebob

    spongebob ಠ__ಠ

    To people that don't know he was an old school pro ST player and still plays it these days. He's not competent in any other new fighting game though and mindlessly bashes them despite having no idea about them - like you see here. I used to follow him for a while when he was pretty funny but after a while (to me) he came off as really ignorant and not that entertaining.

    That said dsp's rants are still fucking hilarious most of his points are so stupid and illogical that you can't even take them seriously your just rofl'ing. I remember in one video he was playing online in MK and then a package or something came so he lost the match. He then went on a rant saying how it was dumb you can't pause the game IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MATCH, and how game developers were so crappy they couldn't do something that simple... or something a long those lines.

    Anyway don't take anything he says too seriously, he's not an MK player and has 0 idea what he's talking about.
  22. doomfarmer

    doomfarmer unorthodox

  23. Mt. Mutombo

    Mt. Mutombo Asshole by nature

    Im sorry but i don't agree with you...If you successfully read superman, or a superman spammer and you don't punish or do something about it, then there's something wrong with you. It's like when i hear people complain about online scorpion and smoke teleport spammers, just fucken bait em into those moves, it's not fun but that's how you gotta play those types of noobies.
  24. doomfarmer

    doomfarmer unorthodox

    you didn't click the show spoiler button, did ya :p
  25. Richmatic

    Richmatic Noob

    ^ LMAO....successfully.

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