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Dreamhack Dallas MK11 Results and Rundown


My blades will find your heart
VOD Link: Here

  1. Deoxys (Geras, Frost for 1 game)
  2. END Scar (Sonya, Scorpion
  3. PG Hayatei (Erron Black, Scorpion for 1 game)
  4. KingGambler (Skarlet, Dvorah for 1 game)
  5. Jueks (Jacqui Briggs)
  6. Coosco (Sonya, Scorpion)
  7. RXG GOL Onisan (Sub Zero, Geras)
  8. KH HandySavage (Scorpion, Jacqui Briggs)
Coosco vs. END Scar (Winners Semis):
END Scar comes out the gate swinging, and while Coosco takes a round Scar goes up 2-0 in a very convincing fashion. Coosco manages to clutch out game 3, but ultimately END Scar keeps his composure and advances to winners finals with a 3-1 scoreline.

PG Hayatei vs. Deoxys (Winners Semis):
Hayatei puts up a great fight with his Erron Black, but Deoxys' puts on a dominant Geras performance and takes the set 3-0 to advance to winners finals.

RXG GOL Onisan vs. Jueks (Losers):
Jueks puts on a Jacqui Briggs clinic and manages to go up 2-0 on Onisan's Sub Zero. Onisan switches to New Era Geras and catches Jueks off guard, taking the 3rd game convincingly. Jueks was not deterred however and closes out the set 3-1, eliminating Onisan.

KH HandySavage vs. KingGambler (Losers):
HandySavage's Scorpion struggles against KingGambler's patient Skarlet play, going down in the set 2-0. Handy tries to switch to his other main Jacqui Briggs, and just when he seems to be gaining momentum KingGambler closes out the first round with a hype Fatal Blow conversion, and takes the set 3-0, eliminating HandySavage

PG Hayatei vs. Jueks (Losers Quarters):
A set full of rounds that came down to the wire, Jueks managed to take 1 game but Hayatei's experience and clutch plays lead to him taking the set 3-1, eliminating Jueks.

Coosco vs. KingGambler (Losers Quarters):
Not opting into the Skarlet vs. Sonya matchup, Coosco elects to use Scorpion. What follows is a set of grueling matches with both players showing an immense amount of patience leading to a lot of close rounds and 2-3 timeouts. After back and forth games it comes down to a panic Fatal Blow by Coosco that gives KingGambler the opening he needs to close the set 3-2, eliminating Coosco.

Deoxys vs. Scar (Winners Finals):
Scar shows why he won Combo Breaker and takes a clean 2 games vs. Deoxys Geras. As a last ditch effort, Deoxys brings out a surprise Frost to try and throw Scar off. While he does manage to take a round, Scar closes out the set with a convincing 3-0, securing his spot in the grand finals.

KingGambler vs. PG Hayatei (Losers Semis):
Determined to get his runback with Deoxys, Hayatei comes out swinging and goes up 2-0. KingGambler decides to also pull out a surprise pick with his pre-release main, Dvorah. Like Deoxys, the surprise pick net him a round, but he was ultimately unable to stop Hayatei from taking the set 3-0.

PG Hayatei vs. Deoxys
Hungry for a rematch of his own, Deoxys takes the first 2 games in a convincing fashion. Wanting to shake things up, Hayatei switches to Scorpion, but it doesn't work out and he falls 3-0 to Deoxys, who moves on to face Scar in the grand finals.

Scar vs. Deoxys
This set was a must watch for MK11 fans. Scar started the set with a strong win, making viewers wonder if we would see a repeat of winners finals. Deoxys wasn't gonna let that happen, and went on to win the next 2 games (although they certainly were not free by any means). Scar decided to change his approach and switched to Scorpion, taking game 4. In game 5 Deoxys comes back and manages to stuff Scar's wakeup Fatal Blow to reset the bracket.

After losing the first match of the reset, Scar elects to go back to Sonya. Initially this works great, and he takes the next 2 games to get to match point. Deoxys won't go down without a fight, and takes the next game convincingly. Scar puts up a great fight in the final game, but Deoxys ultimately wins both rounds and takes the tournament from losers bracket.