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Dragonball FighterZ combo compilation

I wish I could've hit the lab in DFZ, too bad there was no training mode in the closed beta. I was only able to play one 3 hour session. I am def. looking forward to DFZ.
DFZ is a game I will be supporting in future with tutorials, combo vids, highlight reels etc. so stay tuned. Krillin is my fav. character so far, with the tools he got I think Krillin has some pretty sick setups. I couldn't figure out any though with the short amount of time I had with online mode only.
I hope the devs will give us another closed beta run.

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Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
18 and Cell are looking very strong, androids as always never disappoint in the tier lists lol

Also its not surprise to anyone that i expect this from krillin, he is always insane in DB fighting games
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