Dragon not taking part in Injustice Pro Series Season 2, taking year long hiatus

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By Charybdis on Jun 22, 2018 at 7:57 AM
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    Controversial leading NRS player Dragon has announced that he will be stepping away from Injustice Pro Series Season 2 and is seemingly taking a general hiatus from NRS games and possibly the competitive scene overall.


    Dragon has been arguably the most successful player in Injustice 2, winning Evo with Aquaman and Poison Ivy, defeating Honeybee in the Grand Finals and triumphed in the eLeague Injustice 2 World Champion with his brutally efficient Black Adam.

    Dragon has been no stranger to controversy in his comparatively brief time in the NRS scene, breaking into the big time in the latter days of MKX but his embracing of his 'heel' status has gained him no small share of fans.


    Yesterday Dragon announced on his Twitter that he would be taking a year off to "figure out some things", as can be seen here https://twitter.com/Dragon_FGC/status/1009919889543516160

    Dragon has had some health issues recently, most notably the panic attack which forced him to DQ himself from his pools finals at the recent Combo Breaker and it may be that a hiatus is just what he needs. Everyone at TYM wishes him nothing but the best and we can't wait to see him return in due time!
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Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events' started by Charybdis, Jun 22, 2018.

    1. gam224
      He’s still pretty young so I’m sure he’ll be back. It’s a lot of pressure constantly competing at that kind of level so I applaud his decision to figure some things out before returning. It’s a mature move on his part.
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    2. JBeezYBabY
      Blessings to that kid. He's not even 21 yet, so he alot of time to figure things out. He has a bright future ahead of him and Uncle JBeezY wishes him nothing but the best. See ya at MK11

      Righteous ;)
    3. Tanno
      The older you get, the longer the problem it gets. Since he's young, he might return earlier than he think. I hope his health issues get solved and be back in action. My best wishes to him.
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    4. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      An understandable move. If he needs time to get healthy and/or figure stuff out that only makes sense he would take a break, and he said in his tweet that he's gonna be back for MK11 so all good and well. I wish nothing but the best for Dragon and that he will get well soon. :)
    5. HellblazerHawkman
      Hope he'll be back. Not like he didn't make a ton of money last season, so he should feel pretty good about just taking it easy this year
    6. Swindle
      Wasn’t there some little scandal involving him earlier in his fg career? Something involving collusion or whatnot? I can’t quite remember.
    7. Tony at Home
      Tony at Home
      (IIRC) Online tournament, reported opponent was underage only after losing to him so essentially using that as an "option select"

      Not a great thing but also not hugely bad and he apologized for it. So i don't get why he's labeled as "controversial"
    8. Swindle
      Ahhh that’s what it was. I never heard the full story, and was confused about it. Yeah, that’s a relatively minor thing.
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    9. CrimsonShadow
      Just wanted to say that out of all the players I’ve met or hung out with (and this is saying a lot, because almost all of them were super cool/chill people) Dragon was one of the nicest. I wish him well in anything he does.. Being smart and having a good personality can get you a long ways in life.

      All the best Dragon, and take care of yourself.
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    10. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      Hope he watches some movies in his time off
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    11. x TeeJay o
      x TeeJay o
      Lmaoo best comment ever
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    12. Thazeekster608
      He will while eating some of that Mac n cheese lol
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    13. Jynks
      can't really fault this move.. but at the same time it is kind of funny in some ways.. as the real world is way more stressful. I'm not in his position so can not understand.. but paying a mortgage and raising kids is a real stress most people toil away in jobs they hate for low pay. He has already landed a great job that pays well that I assume he enjoys.. that is a major goal many people never reach. Maybe he has saved enough for university and wants to call it quits or something, that is still a huge advatange over many... still, I hope his health doesn't force him away from a career many people would kill for, and I just do not mean money.. I mean a job he enjoys. I mean sure it is stressful, but the truth of life is that ALL life outside of living with your folks is.

      I look forward to his return in MK11. He has always been one of my favourite players since his debut in MKx. I hope everything works out for him.
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    14. Juggs
      This mindset is so ignorant. Being in a good position, whatever that entails, does not mean you suddenly stop being a human being. Every single person is different, everyone handles things differently. How about we just respect his decision and don’t presume to know everything going on in his life?
    15. Jynks
      guess you didn't read what I wrote... as I specifically said "I'm not in his position so can not understand.".. I said nothing about not respecting his choice or saying it was a bad decision.

      Stop putting words in my mouth.

      It is a bit much to call someone ignorant when you do not even have basic comprehension skills as you have basically got the exact reverse of my meaning.

      Let me try again for the simple minded like yourself, that should probably read more books.

      All I said was that life doesn't let up. In fact it gets worse and worse and more and more stressful and urgent. If he is having issue now, then he will have much worse issues latter and therefore it is a very wise decision that he is taking a break to work on his health. As even though he has managed to find a position for himself that many would envy, the pressure and serious stress of life.. hasn't even started. So it is important that he sorts out his life, now while he has the freedom to do that.

      So it has shown great wisdom for him to take this break and we all hope that he gets better soon and returns for MKx when he is ready (like he said he might)
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    16. Tony at Home
      Tony at Home
      You need to understand anxiety at this level is generally a medical condition and there's very little rhyme or reason behind it happening other than arbitrary chemical imbalances.

      The "im incredibly stressed but don't think I have a legitimate reason to be this way" mentality keeps alot of people from taking a break when they really need to.
    17. Jynks
      I know plenty about mental illness and clinical depression ... they call it an illness for a reason. It isn't logical. It can not be quantified like that. What can be is what we call "stressors"... or things that "exasperate an existing condition". Those ARE controllable. This is why it is such a good move for him to take a break and get healthy. For as you move through life various stressors get larger and more powerful, making the problems manifest is even more problematic ways. From what I hear, he has done everything right by taking a break and I assume that, we all wish him well, but hope for his return.
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    18. Cursa
      You probably could've worded that way better

      I feel like you meant to make this a good post but it ended up becoming "Well that sucks but these problems are WAY worse"
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    20. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
      Literally one of the only people/stories I've cheered for in IJ2 next to Whiteboi and Black Manta.

      Hope you're well, bro.

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