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Dr. Fate Pressure, setups, and concepts.

Now that combo breaker is over, I am going to be putting a lot of time into Dr. fate. I'll be scouring these form so make sure you guys are posting stuff. I am still a bit worried about the character, I do think he does well versed people that want to stay away but lacks any offense or come back factor and will be really really challenge keeping people out of the air. I really wish his air projectile was in his standard move set


I'm going to make Fate top ten
Dr. Fate is solid only problem Is he suffers From characters who do a shit ton of damage like black Adam or aquaman who can then presume to zone u depending of their life lead is big enough. The plus side is that dr. Fate does win the zoning wars in these MUs
Not including superman


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Concept idea. Need to further test but its an idea for Fate mains to try at least. This particular setup is unsafe but can be made safe with a slight change in ender (11 instead of 112).

This does need explored further but I'm a slave to the wage right now. Will test more tonight anyway as I think this could be a useful tool to enforce a corner mix and obviously with trait up, there are much more options to explore!