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DownFourCast Episode 9: We Want Your Questions!


Catch me if you can!
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You know the drill, guys. Send in your questions for the next DownFourCast episode and we will respond to them with the best of our ability.

Schedule has not been decided yet, so we will keep you updated on that.

Topics to be covered include Major League Gaming: Anaheim, ECT 4, Raiden character discussions, and whatever else that may come up.

We will see you on the DownFourCast channel when we are aired!

I would like to ask Reo: Did the close matches early in the tournament have any effect on your performance later on? Could the result have been different if you would have had an easy match or two at the start?


- Ermac's, Kabal's, and Sektor's bad MUs
- CEO predictions
- Does Europe have a chance at evo?
- Is the "Clash system" in Injustice a innovation or just a gimmick?
- Any thoughts on interactive stages in Injustice?


Where do you think Kung Lao lies on the tier list now? (due to MLG or your own preconceived ideas)
What is your next tournament? (This is to all players, don't read this sentence outloud Blake)
Who was one person you were particularly impressed with this weekend, in either ECT or MLG?
Who has the best hair in the MK community?
What is the Bernie?


How serious was REO when he said CEO might be his last tournament? Has this been a decision brewing for sometime or is it influenced most recently by his MLG performance?

Is Detroit thinking about playing UMVC3 seriously? If so, what team / characters is he running?

What do people think about Scarlet Post-MLG? Many probably had a chance to play Mosp and/or Scar, who are the few who main the character.
To REO or others who've played Maxter, perhaps just a general question:

Since Maxter has been playing Noob, has he (Maxter) found Noob to be more viable and based off your experience playing him, how do you think Noob stands in the metagame?