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Video/Tutorial Double Uppercut Combos with Smoke, an Act of Atonement


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What I'm about to write here can also be seen in the description tab for the video included in this post. You're free to skip ahead to the video if you'd rather not read my lengthy apology that is to explain the "Act of Atonement" part in this thread's title.​
Okay, so two years ago, I went on an extreme craze to post combo video after combo video for Mortal Kombat 9 from the moment the game was released to the public. Among those videos was this one: an old 50% midscreen X-ray combo with Smoke that I learned was possible after NRS patched out the OTG window that came with an air throw.​
Mind you, my video-editing skills sucked at the time, so...just a heads-up.​
This was posted two weeks before I took the jump and attended Evolution 2011. I had just won a Tulsa local with Smoke and was ready to rock the world at the FGC's biggest major with him - but this isn't about my tournament resume, so back to the topic.​
As you will see in the above video, I announced plans to begin work on a Smoke combo video...plans which never came to fruition due to my dropping the character in favor of Sonya Blade. I stopped focusing on him ever since I made the change, and by extension, all motivation to work on the project disappeared. I know some fellow Smoke players have continuously asked me about when the project will be done, because they'd been eager to see it since the plans were announced.​
I owe an apology to those people. One thing I hate is people not upholding commitments, but I guess this time it's my turn to look in the mirror. In my defense, of course, a ton of stuff was going on at once, but I hardly consider that a valid excuse. So, in an effort to atone for this, I crafted and released a video that showcases three high-quality combos with Smoke. I know it isn't much after how I kept you guys waiting for so long over something that just wasn't gonna happen. :(
Lesson to be learned from this? Never announce plans for a project until you are 100% sure that it will be done. So until I actually craft the video that I tell myself I want to do, I won't even let a small part of my plans leak out to the public.​
Now before I let you watch this vid, note a couple of things:​
1. The 45% combo is just thrown in as a bonus, and has worked only on Sheeva due to her larger hitbox. If this can work on other characters, I'd like you to let me know. Also, the teleport used in the combo is not really necessary...it is just for cosmetic value.​
2. The concept for the double uppercut combos is inspired by DR Gross, whom I believe was the first to reveal the fact that Smoke can include a reverse uppercut in his BnB corner combos. First time I saw him do that was in hotel casuals at MLG Dallas. So I combined his concept with another one to pull these off. Many thanks to him.​
3. In no way am I claiming credit for the creation of anything. If what you see in the below video has already been posted, inform me so that I may give credit.​
4. The image used to introduce the video was pulled from a search on Google images, and therefore not created by me. Man, I'd like to learn how to make images myself, I really don't like just fishing for something.​
Now, here is the act of atonement that I promised.​

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Haha, Smoke is the best man. The swag will live on forever in my heart. Nice work Blake!


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Great job Blake. Where there is smoke there is fire.
I think you mean, "Where there is Smoke, there is Scorpion." :D

Wow amazing combos

I really didn't expect you to use 32, what an underutilized string. And that combo where you juggled with 32? Fucking godlike

Eh, not so much underutilized, it's just best saved for corner combos. We Smoke players tend to be more comfortable sticking to 3 d1 2 midscreen.

Thank you. :)


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TONY-T just reminded me that the double uppercut stuff with Smoke originated in his Cyborg Smoke combo video...a fact which honestly doesn't surprise me given that that man's mind is endless when it comes to combo opportunities. So gotta give credits to him for sure.


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awsome vid good shit does any of u guys know if its possible 2 do a shake cancel mid combo?

I don't think so. Smoke takes too long recovering from a Shake cancel to guarantee any follow-up, be it for pressure or a combo.


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Never thought of that...do you use the Invisibility after a Smoke Bomb or...?


If you do a 32 with a whiffed 3, I bet you can do 44%! I never thought to try that, or I might not have even known that was a possibility to extend the juggle back when I made this. Would be super sweet if it got you 44 or 45%, that would be the BnB meter building corner combo if you don't have a bar to reset with!