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Tech - Sub-Zero Double B2 connects normally on crouching Females if spaced properly

There's Le Me breaking a taboo that says that double B2 cannot connect consistently. This is not entirely true.
If You space It properly, (at max distance), It does connect 100% of the time in crouch blocking FEMALES.
There's the video proof, I still have not perfected the technique yet.
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It seems that you mean to stay in start up or in medium distance Ice Klone positions to hit B2 there.


Old news. @Lokheit and I found this a long time ago but by then no one cared about the game anymore.

It's best when you space it far enough so his fingertips are hitting them. Use the training room grid and set position to the side. When you reset, Sub's front foot should be on a line. Put his front foot behind that line and that's the general area. You can go behind the line about the size of one of the hexagons, just look closely at the floor.

3 females are crouch block double B2 combo-able up close. Sonya and Jacqui are combo-able point blank, Kitana take a small step back from point blank. They sit higher than the rest of the females. Doing the B2's you have to do them quickly and smoothly back to back. It's not as lenient as the males.

As far as the touching Klone part here is the list of the most lenient combos. Not super easy but well worth learning. Do the B12xxKlone when they're between his belt and knee, so basically the middle of his front thigh.

Cassie - B2, B2, D1, D1, D1, B12xxKlone

Jacqui - B2, B2, D1, D1, D1, B12xxKlone

Sonya - B2, B2, D1, D1, B12xxKlone

Kitana - B2, B2, D1, D1, B12xxKlone

Mileena - B2, B2, D1, D1, B12xxKlone

Tanya - B2, B2, D1, D1, B12xxKlone

D'vorah - B2, B2, D1, D1, B12xxKlone
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