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Donations Over, What We got

All right, what we got.


Although we did get the 3rd mystery character they will not have a stage or story of their own because Lab Zero needed $850,000 for that and we only got barely under $830,000 before the deadline today.

So while Squigly, Big Band, Mystery Character 1, Mystery Character 2, and Robo-Fortune get their own stages and stories the 3rd Mystery Character will not.

But on the bright side we do get the 3rd Mystery Character them-self along with everyone else and their stages and stories so over all more gained then lost.
Shame we were so close to getting the 3rd MSC's story & stage. If only we had a few more hours. Oh well, at least we got the 3rdMSC, and someone might finance the rest privately.


Mike Z said on one of the streams that the team got another $40,000 for whatever reason and they WILL be doing a story and stage for the second mystery character.