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DojoSports 5v5 National Fighting Game League Season 2!


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Hey everyone. DojoSports 5v5 National Fighting Game League is starting Season 2 Aug 4th!!!

We are bringing Injustice into the mix and need some passionate and hype players to be a part of this team based league!!!!

Currently we need Captains for these areas:

Southend (Team GBZ).
Vancouver Canada (Team SecretBase)

Areas that have Captains but need more players:

Northend, Cpt Eric Nguyen of Team DangerRoom
Salem, Cpt Martin Hector of Team Salem
Eugene, Cpt Tim Robertson of Team ShoryukenLeague

Please contact the Captains if you are in that local area and want to join the team.

If you have any questions reply here or contact me directly. All info about DojoSports 5v5 can be found on the F.A.Q http://dojosports.com/index.php/faq

Lets go INJUSTICE!!!!!!

-Per Jason Cole AfroCole on NWMK Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/groups/293333654035861/