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Dojo Oculto Mortal Kombat 25th Anniversary Event


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor

So yeah, Mortal Kombat is a thing that has been around for 25 years (as of the console edition release). Feel old? You should, this series is as old as I am. To celebrate this momentous occasion, our friends at Dojo Oculto hosted a tournament for the OG Mortal Kombat games.

They hosted events for MK1, MK2, UMK3 and MKXL. A lot of MK, stuff for you classics guys and stuff for you newbies. If you want to catch some action on original arcade setups, go check out the series of videos down below in the spoilers. Either way, go over and show the South American scene some love, these guys are super passionate and always have a fun time with what they do. It is not in English, so just bear that in mind for you single language speaking folks.