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Does Zod make IGAU Better Or Worse?

Is IGAU better with or without Zod?

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Zod made the game worse in the sense that he had probably the most lopsided matchup in the game in his favor and he had some frustrating interactible sheanigans....but both of these things can be fixed either through specific balance changes or overall system mechanics.

1. Like pig has said, MB dashes are a thing and the number of IAZB's on screen could be limited...so that fixes one problem.

2. I would argue that he should not be allowed to use interactibles while trait is active. OTG interactible combos from MMH and such should get the boot also, but this was an extra layer of horse crap.

UGL Preon

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Again. The game allowed difference archetypes to be successful. If u allowed mmh/aqua/flash to exist then you need to allow a character with equally strong zoning.

Why does he entire FGC hate zoning.
The average person doesnt like being patient and having to inch closer then get put full screen again off one projectile.

In CQC if i block your stupid mixup i can usually (game specific) get my turn back immediately. In Zod or Sinestros case, i bobbed, weaved, bobbed, (Zod Trait) or Low Laser mix) or Sinestro (Shackled). For people who compete "Zoning" is just part of it. Average person just wants to mix