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Does Lobo Make IGAU Better Or Worse?

Is IGAU better with or without Lobo?

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Should Goro be top 5?
Lobo was the first DLC character released for Injustice: Gods Among Us. Now that the sequel is just around the corner, I figure the question should be asked; Does Lobo make IGAU a more or less enjoyable game? Please vote and discuss.
There's a thread for each of the DLC characters if you're interested.
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The game was better with lobo. Lobo got @Decay to continue playing injustice. Which made him apart of our community including the jersey scene. He helped show the world some of the cool shit lobo could do. Blessed TYM with his art. And now works at NRS as an artist. All because they decided to put lobo in the game.


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Lobo was a shit character, but I'm thankful that it made Decay a part of the community and was a step for him to work at NRS. I'm happy for Decay.
Lobo was an interesting character. Did he make IGAU better?....ehhh.....I believe that the people that played him to highest potential (Decay-shoutout man, miss ya) (Oxygen) showed everyone never to underestimate a character....sometimes all it takes is the one holding the controller to make an impact for a game (works for the world in general).


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I mean...he was for the longest time up until the last patch where he actually turned into a solid character.
He may have been solid but not everyone could make him work despite his buffs. Don't get me wrong the patch helped him to an extent but his core that were still there issues made him aggravating to use, at least imo.

Back when I used to attend my local and I asked Lobo advice from oxygen himself, the number one thing he told me was heavy meter management and patience. Oxygen was much more patient than myself back in the day (which is why I found myself losing a lot to him). I ended up dropping Lobo as a result because I couldn't make him work to my style.

I love Lobo as a character but sometimes things don't click.