DOA 6 BETA #2 IS AVAILABLE NOW Till 2/24 & EVO Scandal?

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  1. At least the game is getting more attention- kinda just worried this will be another thing that hypes up the casual audience but continues to make the competitive crowd take the game less seriously. I've been really hoping that this will finally be the 3D game I stick with rather than drop after a couple weeks.

    I am SUPER hype for a demo that includes training mode and hopefully a full tutorial as godlike as the DoA5 LR tutorial. It's odd how fighting game demos are so reluctant to give us access to a training mode.

    Online was pretty worrying during the last beta. At the very least Tekken and Soul Calibur have set a pretty low bar for what constitutes good netcode. So hoping it will reach at least that.
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  2. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    OH SNAPS! I almost forgot that this beta is THIS WEEKEND!!
  3. Blade4693

    Blade4693 ....

    Whoa whoa whoa hold on just a mean to tell me that I have been subbed and watching videos from this guy for a good while and he's actually a regular poster on this site, one that I have even interacted with before...I had no idea.

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  4. Krankk

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    Is DOA a beginner-friendly franchise? Is it "easy" to get into DOA games? DOA6 specifically.
    To me DOA always looked like a sexier Tekken, which I like, but Tekken also always had the reputation of being super tough to get into and git gud at the game. So it never sparked my attention in the slightest.

    (However, I did like to mash buttons with Eddie back during the days of Tekken 3.)
  5. Evil Canadian

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    Just like any fighting game there's a lot of depth on the far end when you start digging, but on the surface yeah DoA is easy enough to understand

    the rooflehneanmonger guy on youtube made a video for people who don't know how doa works

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  6. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Today is the day the beta is released and its the DELUX EDITION! They released a tweet on everything included in the demo here

    Its available to download NOW!

    Aaaaand guess who is gonna be streaming it? THIS GUY! At 5pm PST here If you was there the first time i streamed the beta, then you know party we about to have during THIS one! Righteous ;)
  7. SaSSolino

    SaSSolino MK11 Cary Tagawa main!

    What about us poor masterrace souls though?
  8. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    I shall still remain in that game. As a matter of fact, my Felicia CaS is a major hit with ppl and been requested that i even provide the formula on how to make her. So i will be working on that video before i stream :)
  9. SaSSolino

    SaSSolino MK11 Cary Tagawa main!

    Dude I swear to god you must be a salesman. I was just asking about the DoA beta though, is it coming on PC?
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  10. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Well u said Masterrace souls so i thought u meant SOUL CALIBUR hahah oops

    PC? Ummmm....i dont think it will be available on that platform. Just Ps4 and Xbox.
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  11. Vslayer

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    I mean, it depends if you're used to Japanese style 3D fighting games. They're very different from NRS games and also different from SF. They have quarter-circle motions and all of that good stuff that's similar to SF, but I mean I feel like it would be easier for someone to pick up a DOA game than something like MKX or Injustice.
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  12. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    Nice... physics.
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  13. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Its called HASHTAG/#CoreValues ;)
  14. In Kingdom come they didn't add a female choice because they DID NOT WANT TO. Nothing related to accuracy. While true that female Warriors were rare, they existed; and a peasant getting to work directly for the King was way less frecuent than that. They just wanted to play the anti "sjw" card, and it went good for them, but honestly i wont buy a single game from them.
    And people calling on "i care about accuracy in my games" lol. First guard would have killed you, in real life you don't get super good at fighting in a hearbeat.
    Those retards remind me of people in for honor accusing me of "playing non realist characters" for playing females, while playing with a black viking. LOLZ.
  15. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    I wish MK still had some of those core values then :p
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  16. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Oh GAWD! lol THIS is your only titty fighter buddy. Enjoy :)
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  17. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    I mean, she's in a full body covering suit... just saying, it's not like it's over the top sexualization. Going from having physics to not is lame. lol
  18. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

    Downloading the demo now. For some reason it takes 3 hours for it to download though...
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  19. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

    So, I downloaded the demo, played for a few hours and deleted it again. Though it does feel a bit better than DOA5, it’s not enough for me to buy this game.

    Diego and Nico felt rather lacking and kinda awkward, not to mention Nico looks like she’s freaking 12 years old. It’s worse than with Marie Rose.

    Nah, just not the game for me. I’ll wait for MK11 instead.
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  20. I'm feeling somewhat determined to figure this game out enough to give it a fair shake.

    I will say I'm not liking how many times you have to hit a button just to close out a match and get going onto whatever the next thing is.

    The quality of online feels, hands down, the worst out of anything I've personally ever tried playing online. Even full bar wired icon matches don't feel right, and when it's bad it's really bad. I haven't played a lot of matches, but so far it doesn't seem like a game that anyone is going to be able to take seriously online.

    Last few matches have felt decent enough, so maybe it's not all bad.
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  21. It's the first time I tried a DOA game, I didn't find it very interesting to be honest. I liked that you could use both the square button and back to block (and also parries) but most of the other mechanics were confusing to me. I did follow the tutorial but I don't know, still very confusing. The characters looks almost all forgivable for the most part. It felt like the design team put all of the efforts into Kasumi.

    I'll give it a new try tommorow but I probably won't buy it in the end. When I play these kind of games I understand why I love MK so much : awesome characters, well defined atmosphere and simple and yet efficient gameplay.

    I agree 100%, it felt weird when I first saw the characters. I thought that the FBI would raid my house if I picked them lol
  22. SunsetBlvd

    SunsetBlvd Proven Nappa GOD, 100% VERIFIED Best Nappa NA

    yo TYM, fyi joey "loser moron mr wizard" cuellar has gone on the record saying quote "I don't like NRS games" and his involvement w/ EVO is a big reason NRS gets the shaft every year and has to beg for scraps while anime games get the royal treatment.

    second of all i love everything about this controversy especially the guy wearing a beret, actually mostly just that. but anytime bizarre idiot joey cuellar becomes a meme im all for it. BOY i would really hate to be someone in this thread saying something like "i agree w/ mr. wiz, this was absurd and offensive". i would really hate to be a person like that, to be so cucked.
  23. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    I tried it out and boy do I fucking suck at it. lmao

    NRS games have spoiled me because games like DOA just aren't as user friendly and intuitive. I went through a lot of the tutorial but it's still pretty damn confusing.

    Everything except low punches and kicks look like mids or highs which are supposed to be able to be blocked standing, but I get hit by everything anyway hahaha. It does actually seem like a fun game, so I wouldn't mind trying to get better at it.

    Character wise, Mila looks fucking cool, I dig the character, but some of them... yeeesh. I'd probably main Mila, Tina, or Hitomi
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  24. haketh

    haketh Noob

    KOF_XI Player
    You’re on some good drugs if you think Anime gets anything close to the Royal Treatment
  25. First beta I was getting totally blown up. I didn't play all that much, but I think I won all of one time total. Not quite sure why, but I started winning most of my matches yesterday. There is a lot of spazing out going on that should fail some of these people pretty soon.

    I think some of what started helping was to be more patient with blocking, spacing, and if they are taking advantage of how fast punches are then take advantage of low profile moves to discourage mashing P. If you see someone have a pause before their final strike, it's probably begging you to counter it. Or block it and mash P yourself because they probably have never heard of being negative before. I'm not saying these are good strategies, just a couple of things that seem to help me fight off some spaz warriors a few hours in.

    I'm still jury's out on the game. I feel like it eventually turns into I know that you know, that I know that you know, that I think you will, so I'm going to. I'm not all that clever, and probably can't do much of that. And could they seriously limit the pterodactyl to once a round. 5-6 times in a round it's a little excessive.
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