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Do you guys want biweekly MK9/MKX tournaments? (Vote Now)

Do you guys want MK9 or MKX biweekly tournaments?

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C88 True Grave

Death is coming for us all!
So it was brought to my attention that some people have gone back to MKX and even MK9 due to the ways of I2. I'm here asking you guys if you'd like me to incorporate any MKX or MK9 tournaments in accordance to my Xbox I2 weekly?

I personally would like MK9 tournaments as that is, and always will be my favourite FG. MKX was fun, but it didn't get me hyped like MK9 did.

Anyways, enough about me. Take the poll and let me know over the course of a week or so and I'll get the winner in motion as long as you guys want this. Prizes will be included as well when I can. You're allowed to vote a maximum of 2 times and the one with the most votes will be the winner. That's that.

Let's get this going because I personally want MK9 tournaments. Not sure how you guys feel, but I do. Let the voting commence!
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