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Do we really need KP3?

I ask this question because pretty soon MKXL is getting a balance patch in hopes to balance everyone on the roster. Alien needed nerfs from the start. After much frustration and bitching, 6 months later NRS is finally taking action. Let's say the entire roster becomes balanced, which is something we all hope for. Who's to say that KP3 won't need tweaks of its own if it does comes out. There could lie the same issues we had with Alien, Tanya, Mileena, etc. and giving that Inj2 is right around the corner, there may not be another patch for MKXL ever again or at least for awhile. Do we really want to put ourselves in a position that will possibly have us bitching all over again? Maybe we should forget about KP3 and just enjoy MK after this patch, assuming they balance and not tier shift. Let's just appreciate the game and be thankful. What do you guys think?
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I want to see a reveal like this again

Pig was hype for leatherface
Great kunglao was going to main Bo Rai Cho
All smoke fans were hype to have cyber smoke
K&M reaction when they saw tri-borg reveal

TYM could not be more alive back then, and i miss that.
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It would be nice if NRS supported their games longer than 1 year. Im not asking for 8 years of SF4, but MK9 and INJ both got 1 year, and its looking like MKX might be getting a single patch after our 1 year mark. Its not enough. I think the game has enough depth to it to build from. Maybe it means a 6 month hunker down while they tweak things and the updates come at a slower rate, but i would love for this game to stay alive for awhile.

INJ 2 is getting a loot system, those kind of systems typically work better when intended to be more long term, so heres hoping that NRS is starting to take a few pages from Capcoms book and is willing to support their games for awhile


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We need to stop thinking in last century terms about games and start to embrace the age of high speed internet where games receive patches for as long as there are people playing them.
I hope MKX will receive a good few patches and maybe even a few more characters not only to extend its lifespan but to keep things fresh.