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DLC Characters Release Schedule

Should DLC characters be released in waves?

  • Yes

    Votes: 19 42.2%
  • No, release them in a monthly/bi-monthly basis

    Votes: 26 57.8%

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Shirai Ryu
I've been thinking about this for a while TYM, and do you think that the DLC characters should be released in waves like how NRS released all of the KP2 characters at once, or do you think they should be released one by one like pretty much everything else?
Personally I would prefer if they were released in waves, a pack at a time, even more so now that they're doing 3 instead of 4 per pack.


Bzzzt *Paging Doctor Fate*
I'm torn with this. The glutton in me likes to have things all at once, but I also like the individual releases so I can always have something to look forward to (or at least more things). I'm fine with either, but I think would prefer individual releases for the DLC.
I'm torn between what will keep the game healthy and what will put Manta in my hands the fastest. Staggering the release of one character at a time is probably best though.


Tired, But Strong
If we get a pervasive balance patch with every character release, please do release them in batches. Overpatching hurts more than DLC helps in terms of health, I think.

Otherwise - one at a time would be best.


I'ds rather have waves than individual characters being released monthly or so.
Reason being is that if you release 1 character at the time, people will flock to said character and it's going to be all you see being played online for a period of time.

At least with waves you encounter several different characters all the time rather than just 1.