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Discovered a way to fix the R.Smoke weird "color"


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Well, I was playing some DS today for a few hours and figured out a way since it happened a few times when I was online with R.Smoke...

The trick? rather simple, you see it happened twice. Once with the red smoke, another with the yellow color. I know there's other colors like "black" or "white" instead of grey but either way this will work.

If you have robot smoke, and it's fucked up in color...simple turn invisible and then turn visible again...the color will come back normal color. Which is grey.

I thought this was kind of cool, I thought about it a month ago but the glitch rarely happens so figured ohh the glitch, let me try to fix it by turning invisible and then visible again, and seeing what happens.

So, try it out guys next time you see robot smoke's colors get messed up if it should distract you, if you have time to turn invisible then visible again it'll fix it.

Not sure if this should be here where people can see it or the myth so I posted it twice, whichever one is more appropriate I guess a mod will close the other one. 8)