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Differences in Orchid Ichi Ni San heavy linker

I haven't seen this mentioned in-game, Prima Guide , etc but it makes a pretty big difference for manuals mid-screen. Everything I have seen related to Heavy linkers makes it look like Light/Medium buttons will trigger the same linker.

If you do her Heavy Ichi Ni San linker by holding MP there is less pushback allowing you to do a LK manual. If you use LP she will be too far away and LK will whiff. Again, this is mid-screen - you can get the LK if you are in the corner.

I am also suspecting the MP based heavy linker may allow more frames for a manual as I am able to connect up+HP more often. This may also be because the opponent is closer.

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Cool, I didn't know this, thanks for the post. Seems wierd but kinda makes sense since the linker should start out as the light animation then goes into the Heavy.

I'm not sure how that works Frame wise when using heavy linkers. But there is obviously a difference looking at this.
Yeah - I can't tell if it is a bug or not. Personally I think so as the heavy linker is a heavy linker and should behave the same. I can't think of a reason I would want the opponent out of manual range.

I am also curious if any other characters have similar behavior. In writing this I am curious if flik-flak/slide has similar properties.

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Sadira has the same thing with her Heavy Flippykick linker. MK leaves you farther from the opponent making some manuals whiff.

It's probably not unintentional.
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