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Didnt CC have a ice platform?


The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind
It's a gear ability. This is why we're grinding the matches to unlock them.


It's a gear move that you have to unlock and equip in the character customization.

Which means it could never be used in ranked matches or any kind of tournaments that have to be played in competitive mode.

John Grizzly

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I'm really, really, really hoping NRS eventually updates the game to add a competitive gear mode. No damage buffs or anything, but all gear is available and you decide on your character's loadout. It would be no different than the variations in MKX. I love the idea of all this loot in-game, but I fucking hate that some of the coolest moves won't ever be seen in any capacity people will actually give a shit about. Some of the gear abilities completely change the character! Look at the Staff of Grayson for Robin, for example.


i understand why no stats boosts for gear, but not allowing to chose dif specials is so fuckkkking duuuuuuuumb


The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind
I only hope that they allow the gear abilities in competitions. Without the abilities it's like limiting the chars' potential.