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Developer Notes: Introduction

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Hey everyone! Welcome to a new series, which happens to be about fighting games in general, but instead of going to its philosophy as a player, this one will be engaging the same matter as a developer. Instead of breaking down the art of winning, losing and learning, this one will cover development struggles, tips, and all the stuff someone who plays fighting games may have wondered how it could have gone if they had a chance to talk with developers before.

All tips and tricks that will appear in this series will be based on my own experience, ideas and problems I encounter while I try to recreate a Mortal Kombat game just for fun with an open source engine named MUGEN, and of course the solutions I managed to come up with it to solve most of the problems I engage while trying to implement these same ideas.

Since it is MUGEN, it's nothing that has been credited and can't be taken seriously. No I do not consider myself a developer and I still think I'm far away from becoming one, but logic is still logic and many of the ideas, as long as it has a logical sense, can be applied anywhere in any fighting game.

If you guys haven't watched it yet and want to have an idea of how far I have gone with this stuff, here is a pretty good idea of a MUGEN based MK game that's been redone to some levels by me.

Series cast roles guide.

The developer: In this series which I will write in as a diary, I will be of course the one developing and posting the content and anything related to issues, problems, solutions and so on.

The tester: This one will be other persons who had contact with the game and have given their feedback on the matter whether I like it or not, or I think it's reasonable, acceptable or the other way around.

Mentors: These will be other people who have development experience with MUGEN and people that are inside development cycles (this last one there are very few just don't expect to see names dropped here) that maybe have suggested cool ideas for the project among other strong suggestions I may have decided into move to development business.

Backers: This one will be supporters, other people who have helped creating something for the game. As in the previous one, I will not going to drop names and will keep their ID a secret, yet I want to thank both roles (mentors and backers) who contributed or discussed the matter at some point and helped me going further and having progress which is the main goal of this, self realization, self development.

Disclaimer: I don't want to pass the wrong idea, i'm not doing this for personal gains and stuff, this is all just for fun. I think devs are kinda wrongly judged most of the time, not many people know their side of the story or how hard is to be part of a team of developers specifically making a fighting game. So please do not try to go to the bottom of things, instead just enjoy the series and maybe you will appreciate fighting games more or less, but you will get to know a bit behind the scenes of some stuff.

Episodes (All episodes will be dropped in every new thread with a new title, but a link for each one that i make will be listed below with its title, there is no time frame to expect, but i will try to write them and publish them as long as needed).

Episodes list:
Episode 1: The Struggle
Episode 2: Freeze time and Complicated Commands

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excellent stuff... is this released yet? I would love to play it!! Going to watch the vid in a bit.

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
excellent stuff... is this released yet? I would love to play it!! Going to watch the vid in a bit.
Its not released yet, the goal its to have a playable version by the end of the year and keep releasing updates and fixes and maybe even introduce new characters.

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Terrible times breed terrible things, my lord.
Ran across this on YouTube. Saw your channel and didn't know you were doing this.

This is really exciting and I'm off too the next episodes.

Amazing stuff.

I love this.