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"Defenders of the Realm" Tournament Invitational (Today) (Santiago, Chile)

We have created an urban intervention, never seen before with Mortal Kombat 11! We have entered some devastated ruins and prepared the site as a place from which we are hosting an invitational tournament.

Today 6 PM (GMT-4)

Link transmission facebook live:


List of players:

  1. Aracne / Black Rebel (Sonya)
  2. NKhaos / Hashirama (Noob, Geras)
  3. WLK / AirJoa (SubZero)
  4. Isurus / Heey George (Jade, Erron)
  5. T7G/ETC / Mcfly (Kung Lao)
  6. ETC Cazuela (Skarlet)
  7. ETC Nemesis (Scorpion)
  8. BH/ETC Ronsvain (Cassie, Scorpion)
  9. BH / ControldeFierro (Shao Khan, Cetrion, Jax)
  10. Get Gosu / Kloj (Scorpion)

We made avideo of how we prepared everything (By Dojo Oculto):


@STORMS, @HellblazerHawkman, @CrimsonShadow

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