Dead or Alive 5 Excitement

Discussion in 'Fighter's Depot' started by Legion Quest, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. I never played any of the DOA series, but I just checked out some gameplay videos on youtube. It looks like it's going to be nice. Anyone else excited about this game?
  2. DOA being a competitve game has always been rocky. Too much of the system promote the game to a defensive game and also DOA4 was nothing short of an elaborate Rock/Paper/Scissor with Attack/Hold/Grab. Though the DOA series have always been really fun.

    DOA5 has some promise from what I have read/heard from people playing the demo. But Hayashi taking over team ninja is really a grim look considering how bad Hayashi games are compared to Itagaki. Just look at ninja gaiden 3 for the latest example.

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